Your Online Shopping Guide When Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

If your eyes are not the colour that you desire them to be, you can always turn to non-prescription, coloured contact lenses to alter their appearance. Before you purchase any of these lenses, though, you need to educate yourself about the different types of these coloured contacts that are available today along with other information. You will then be able to select the best lenses for your purposes. Read our guide below to learn additional facts about these lenses.

Different Types of Non-Prescription Coloured Contacts

You will need to purchase the right style of coloured contacts to enhance or change your eye colour depending on your goal. Learn about the three main types of these lenses in the following facts:

• Opaque lenses are non-transparent in nature and will change your natural eye colour successfully. You can take pale blue eyes and transform them into brown ones or vice versa, just for a couple of examples. When your natural eye colour is dark, it is recommended that you purchase opaque coloured contacts to obtain desired results.

• Enhancement contacts on the other hand, just intensify a natural, light eye colouring. For example, turn pale blue eyes into medium or deep blue.

• Costume lenses are ideal for Halloween, theatrical productions and other costume-oriented events where changing your eyes will enhance the overall appearance of the character that you portray for the event.

A Wide Assortment of Colours Is Available Online

Freshtone offers a wide variety of colours in these lenses online for your convenience. We provide blue, brown, green, grey and even a violet version of these contacts, such as the ones listed below:

• Aqua
• Sapphire Blue
• Light Blue
• Caribbean Blue
• Pure Honey
• Pure Hazel
• Green
• Gemstone Green
• Sugar Grey
• Sterling Grey
• Violet

The Various Types of Costume Lenses

Whether you are dressing as a dragon, a zombie or other character, you may wish to enhance your eyes to complete your costume. We offer Dragon, Hypnotic Swirl, Hulk, Twighlight Volturi, Terminator T800, Zombie and other costume selections of these lenses online. You can even select the Smiley Halloween Lenses for a unique appearance for your eyes.

Important Advice About Non-Prescription, Coloured Contacts

Even though our coloured contact lenses are non-prescription, you should still consult with an optometrist before your purchase our lenses to ensure that you have no underlying eye problems that hinder your ability to wear our lenses safely. While you are at the visit with this eye doctor, you also may wish to ask how to wear and care for the lenses in the correct manner.

Browse through our entire selection at your leisure and select the coloured contact lenses that best suit your purpose. We provide high-quality contacts at affordable prices.