Why Sharing Your Coloured Contact Lens is Not Advisable?

We learn throughout our lives that sharing is a kind and generous activity to participate in within certain parameters. While it is okay to share your wealth, clothes or food items with others, you should not allow others to use your personal items such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes, lipsticks, combs and coloured contact lens. The last item is the basis for our discussion today. We will explain in the information below why you need to keep your coloured contacts for only your use.

Risk of Bacteria

Passing contact lenses back and forth between users substantially increasing the risk of bacteria for all users. Not everyone’s eyes are healthy so you may catch another person’s eye infection through sharing your contacts. Doctors even advise contact wearers not to switch which eye they place each contact in for the same reasons.

Danger of Eye Abrasions

Since your coloured contact lens will conform to the shape of your eye over time, if you share it with another person, it may alter the shape of it. When this occurs, there is a higher risk of eye abrasions. An abrasion is simply a scratch on the eye, which may lead to irritation or worse, an infection. In extreme cases, this scratch might negatively affect your vision depending on where it is located on the eye.

Others May Not Care for the Contacts in the Correct Manner

Another reason for not sharing your coloured contacts is the fact that others might neglect caring for your contacts in the right way. This may cause damage to the lens such as a scratch or tear in the lens. When this occurs, there is no other remedy for the problem other than buying new contacts.

Your Budget Might Suffer a Loss

Your tight budget may suffer a loss of funds if you need to replace your coloured contacts sooner than you originally planned to purchase new ones. If you continue to loan out your contacts, this will add up to expenditures that may limit your spending in more important areas of your life. Avoid this problem by not sharing your contacts with anyone.

Always keep your coloured contact lens to yourself for all the above reasons. This is just as important as following all the other instructions for proper wear and care of your contacts. These lenses are enjoyable and safe to wear when you take the correct precautions. Ignore the precautions and you only will cause your eyes problems.