What lenses suit me and my eyes?

This question is brought up many times a day so we have decided to try and help you in your decisions. We know how frustrating it can be to put on a pair of contact lenses only to realise that it does not suit or it does not look the same as the photos or “one hurts my eye but the other is fine”.

We provide different ranges for different tastes and as that does lead to some confusion we have simplified our recommendations based on your natural eye colour. Please see below

Blends Range

This range is our cheapest under the Freshtone label. These contact lenses enhance your natural eye colour which means you will need to be conscious of your natural colour before trying these. The models in our photos already have a hint the colour naturally in their eyes ( The blends enhance this to make them look richer and clearer yet natural).

This range can be worn for 30 days before needing a new pair

Premiums Range

Our premiums are a class higher then our blends. They are designed to still look natural yet their opacity is enough to overpower most natural eye colours besides the darkest of brown or blacks. These items are recommended to the vast majority of people.

This range can be worn for 30 days before needing a new pair

Super Naturals Range

Our top of the line contact lenses that are purely designed to change any and all eye colours with amazing vibrance and richness. These are fully opaque lenses which means your natural eye colour will be totally changed once you put these babies on. We recommend this range if your looking for a pure change of colour and would like to stand out in a crowd.

This range can be worn for 30 days before needing a new pair

Yearly Blends

These colours are a little richer then our standard blends however these have been designed to wear all year long. Remember you must constantly keep them clean and in their container with added saline solution to maintain them.

This range can be worn for 1 year before needing a new pair