What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Though we live in a very cosmetic and visual world, and that is a great asset to contact lenses, there are many more benefits to wearing contact lenses than purely cosmetic. The need for vision care is increasing due to things like computer usage, illnesses of the eye and natural loss of vision.

Contact lenses are becoming the mainstream of vision care, and patients prefer then to traditional eye glasses in most cases. Not only are they comfortable and less distraction physically, but they can be altered in colour and design which makes them a more playful and flexible option.

Even with progressive treatments like laser eye corrective surgery and progressive lenses being available there are still about 100 million people who chose contact lenses globally, and those numbers are increasing annually. The great thing is that they address a number of vision issues. While some solely use them for cosmetic purposes, others use them to combat things like short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism and age related reading issues just to name a few.

When you compare contact lenses to spectacles there are several factors making contact lenses the preferred choice. There is more ease of wear, less chance of breakage and the ability to wear them while being active. Contact lens wearers have a wider field of vision, no fogging and you can wear your sunglasses over them without bulky additions being needed. One of the main things that are spectacular about contact lenses is that your natural peripheral vision is not hindered.

Contact lenses have come a long way too. The materials used today are advanced. These are not your ancient PMMA materials or non-oxygen permeable rigid alternatives. Today’s lenses are affordable, comfortable and easy to both personalise and maintain. They allow the eye to breath and can be worn longer than those of days gone by. They are easy to conform to, and your risk of infection is far less than it once was.

Even children under 12 can benefit from contact lenses nowadays! Not only does it greatly improve self-esteem, but wearing contact lenses allows them to be active. They are far more likely to wear their lenses than take them off as they do spectacles. They are able to see much better, and they feel better about their vision care options. Specially made contact lenses for children have even been linked to slowing down some adolescent eye ailments and correcting others in its entirety.

So, anyone no matter their age can benefit from wearing contact lenses. They are easy to maintain options that are healthier than ever before, and they offer better vision overall.

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