Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Many people are now choosing to use contact lenses, even if it is just for fashion because they’re fun to wear. Because, many people are now starting to wear contact lenses, especially in the fashion and movie industries, there is a growing concern for preventing dry eyes when wearing fashionable Fresh Tone contact lenses.

Made of high-grade soft plastic, coloured contact lenses are comfortable to wear, if they are applied properly. Basically, if you want to prevent dry eyes while wearing your contact lenses, applying them correctly is the first place to start, otherwise you may have a day filled with dry, red itchy eyes.

Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

The eye is the most sensitive part of the body, so it makes sense that extra care is taken when applying your contact lenses. Thoroughly clean your hands with soap and wash them off liberally with water to ensure that no dust or dirt particles get on your contact lenses when you put them on. You may not notice any discomfort at first, by your eyes can become very dry, red and uncomfortable as your eyes try to work them out.

If you do wash your hands regularly when applying your lenses and still feel discomfort, pain and your eyes still become dry, you should then consult your eye doctor. Some people who wear fashionable contact lenses for the entertainment industry, or just for fashion may discover that they are unable to wear them, but an eye doctor can determine if that is the case. Allergies are another culprit that cause dry and itching eyes while wearing contact lenses.

Allergies can come from the contact lens solution or the eye drops you use, but your eye doctor can help you track down the source of the allergies, and then he can prescribe alternatives.

Common Contact Lens Sense

The best tips for preventing dry eyes when wearing coloured contact lenses all originate from common sense. Wash your hands and rinse them liberally before applying your contact lenses, clean them often and store them in a safe place, and then consult your eye doctor to make sure that you can wear contact lenses. Another way to prevent dry eyes while wearing contact lenses is to check the ingredients of your eye drops, contact lens solution, and any eye cream that you use to make sure these don’t contain something that will cause an allergic reaction.

Fresh Tone quality contact lenses also help to prevent dry eyes because they fit better than other brands and are more comfortable to wear. If you want that ‘fresh’ new look, for all to ‘see’, then Fresh Tone has the contact lenses for you.