Things You Should Not Do When You’re Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Your eyes allow you to view all the wonders of the world around you, and this is why you must protect them at all times, including when you wear coloured contact lenses. While these contact lenses are ideal for a number of situations, there are certain things you should never do while wearing them. Learn additional information on this here with us.

Never Sleep in Coloured Contacts

Never fall asleep with these lenses in your eyes. If you do so, you could scratch your cornea as the contact may slip out of place while you sleep. Always remove them and place them in the case before climbing into bed for the night. Eye irritation and issues are uncomfortable and dangerous for you.

Do Not Wear Dirty Lenses

As with other contacts, do not wear dirty coloured lenses. Be certain to clean your lenses regularly to ensure they are sanitary to wear in your eyes. You will prevent infection from occurring along with possible vision issues. In addition, only clean your lenses with an approved cleaning solution and not with water. Make certain that your hands are free from lotions and creams before you touch the lenses to place them in your eyes, as these solutions will leave a residue on the lenses that may harm your eyes and the contacts.

Do Not Wear Coloured Contacts While Swimming

You may not only dislodge your contacts during swimming and possibly lose them, but also wearing them while swimming may cause eye infections. Remove them before taking a refreshing dip in the water.

Never Share Coloured Contacts with Another Person

Sharing contacts will increase the risk of infection. You never know if the other person has bacteria or an infection in his or her eye. You definitely do not want an issue with your eyes, so only wear your own coloured contact lenses.

Do Not Reuse Contact Cleaning Solution

Do not reuse your lens cleaning solution. Rinse out your lens case each day and allow it to air day before you fill it with fresh solution.

Apply Eye Makeup and Then Insert Contacts

Apply your eye makeup before you insert your coloured lenses. By doing so, you will prevent makeup from accidentally getting on the contacts. Anything that taints your contacts while they are in your eyes may harm your eyes.

The coloured contact lenses are enjoyable to wear as long as you use caution with how you wear them. Keep our above list in mind to avoid issues with these lenses.