Things You Need to Know About Non-Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are an ideal way to enhance or change your existing eye colour. You can opt for prescription ones if you require vision correction, but non-prescription ones also are available on the market today. At times, people wear the latter ones daily or only for special occasions such as costume parties to create a different physical appearance. Users of these lenses should take the same care as they would with prescription ones to protect their eyes.

Consult With an Eye Doctor
Always consult with an eye doctor before you purchase and wear non-prescription contact lenses. First, you should ask the doctor if there is a reason that your eyes may have trouble wearing the lenses. In addition, you need to learn specific wear instructions, how to place the contacts in your eyes correctly, and clean and care for them in the proper manner. The doctor will instruct you not to sleep in these lenses.

Are You Enhancing or Changing Your Eye Colour?

When you wish only to enhance your natural eye colour, just select a shade that will accomplish the task. The same does not always hold true when you wish to change your eye colour completely. If your eyes are dark blue, brown, green or hazel, you will need to select an opaque version of these lenses. Selecting costume contacts is a bit different. Read the next section to learn what we mean by this.

Costume Contact Lenses

You purchase costume contacts purely for a specific look on occasions such as Halloween. When you are dressing up to be a zombie, purchase contact lenses to complete your costume. Maybe you want cat eyes for the occasion, and these are also available today. For a completely dramatic effect, consider black ones! The above are just some examples of costume contact lenses.

Only Purchase From a Quality Company

Do not purchase low-quality coloured contact lenses, as they may harm your eyes. Only buy and wear ones that come from reputable companies to ensure that they contain the best materials. Cheap coloured contacts may lead to eye irritations and problems.

Read and Follow Enclosed Instructions

When you receive your coloured contacts, read and follow all the enclosed instructions. The instructions contain pertinent information that you should understand before inserting the contacts into your eyes. Wearing these contacts in the proper manner will prevent harm from happening to your eyes.

On top of all the above facts, remember that non-prescription coloured contacts are not toys. You need to place serious thought and research behind buying them to ensure you receive quality ones. Select carefully to protect your eyes. When you take these steps, you can enjoy the lenses in a safe manner.