Order Contact Lenses Online – No Need for Prescription, Everything is Hassle Free!

When you just want to change or enhance the natural colour with tinted contact lenses without vision correction, you want to find a site that does not require a doctor’s prescription to fill your order. Non-prescription contacts such as these commonly are called plano lenses. Luckily, you can purchase these contact lenses online at our company, Freshtone. We carry a large assortment of plano coloured lenses, including a number of Halloween or costume styles. Our company makes the order process as hassle free as possible.

Whether your goal is to order one pair, multiple pairs or our Colours of the Wind Box Set of coloured contact lenses, we provide you quality lenses at affordable prices without the need of a prescription. We offer different shades of green, blue, brown, violet and even grey. Along with these shades, we have a wide selection of Halloween contact lenses that will enhance all sorts of the costumes for Halloween or other costume-themed events.

Browse Our Standard, Non-Costume Contacts

With colours such as Aqua, Sapphire Blue Caribbean Blue, Sugar Grey, Light Blue, Violet, Pure Honey, Pure Hazel, Green, Gemstone and Sterling Grey, you will easily find the ideal shade to change or enhance your natural eye colour. You may desire more than one colour to keep your gang guessing on what your natural eye colour is today. Wear a different shade each day of the week if you so choose to make life interesting.

Discover Our New Styles

On top of our standard colours and costume lenses, we now also offer Queen of Hearts, Cute Kitty, Naughty Devil and Yellow Cat Eyes styles that are ideal for occasions that call for costumes. The Queen of Hearts style has a red heart around the pupil on a white iris. Cute Kitty has the face of a cat around the pupil on a white iris. Naughty Devil has devil horns above and a devil tail below the pupil on a red iris. Yellow Cat Eyes has the oval pupil that is catlike with a yellow iris.

Our Other Halloween Contacts

Aside from the above new Halloween contacts, we also carry the following:

• Dragon
• Hypnotic Swirl
• Hulk
• Twighlight
• Terminator T800
• Zombie
• Blue Cat Eye
• Leopard
• Blue Super Nova
• Black
• Red
• Smiley
• Manson

Register for an account with us if you are a new customer or log in if you are a returning one to order contact lenses online from our company. Next, browse through our selection and add the quantity of each colour or costume style that you decide on to perk up your eyes to the shopping cart. Select shipping options, enter a coupon code if you have one, pay and wait for your contact lenses to come to you. Yes, it is this easy to order contact lenses online from Freshtone and without the need for a doctor’s prescription.