Latest Coloured Contact Lenses in Style for the New Year

There is a multitude of coloured contact lenses in style for the New Year. In fact, coloured contacts have become the “latest designer accessory” to complete an up-to-date look. And one of the best ways to transform your look safety and have a little fun is with your eyes.

The latest trends are vast. Plus the variety of colours and styles make it easy to select the ideal contact lenses to suit your needs. And as with all contact lenses, it is recommended that you consult with your eye-care practitioner to ensure the correct fitting and the right suitability.

For Light Coloured Eyes

There are various “in vogue” looks for light coloured eyes. If you want to change the colour but still keep a natural look, you might want to try green or grey if your natural eye color is blue. If your natural eye color green then try blue or grey. However, if you desire a more subtle look, you can select an enhancement tint that just enriches your natural color and outlines the edges of your iris. For a more bold change, you may want to consider a warm tone such as light brown.

For Dark Coloured Eyes

One of the biggest trends for dark coloured eyes is opaque colored tints. Opaque contact lenses are designed to change the color of dark eyes entirely. Opaque is not transparent but it is solid and does not allow visibility of your natural colour. For a more subtle look, try hazel, grey or light a honey brown coloured lenses. For a bold look, select vibrant colors like green, blue, violet and amethyst. In fact, the contrast of dark skin tone and bright coloured lenses can create a whole new you.

Other Popular Trends

One of the most fashionable trends for contact lenses are ones that fit a special occasion. For instance, dragon or twighlight lenses are popular for Halloween parties. Also, many choose an eye-catching lens for other gatherings like a costume ball or night on the town. Some of the trendiest looks that complete your attire are cat eyes. In fact, there are numerous types of cat eyes available like leopard lenses, blue or yellow cat eyes and cute kitty. But regardless of what colour or style of lenses you choose, you will definitely stand out in a crowd. What is more, coloured contact lenses in style for the New Year are not just a trend but a fashion statement here to stay.