Is There an Ideal Age for Wearing Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses?

While disposable coloured contact lenses are an effective way to enhance or change a person’s natural eye colour, you might wonder if there is an ideal age at which to wear these contacts. There are no set age recommendations as when one is ready to wear these lenses or when a person may be too old under certain circumstances. We can provide you with some general guidelines below, though, to help you figure out if you or your children are at the right age for these coloured contacts.

Minimum Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement depends upon the maturity of your child more than his or her chronological age, but normally, eye doctors recommend that children be at least 12 years of age before they wear these coloured lenses. Your child must first understand how to wear and take care of them in the proper manner. If your child is not mature enough to understand the instructions, it is best to wait until he or she is older to wear the lenses. Improper care and wear will lead to eye issues. Always consult with an optometrist or other eye specialist before you allow your child to wear coloured contacts to ensure that there are no underlying issues, such as seasonal allergies that may cause serious problems for a child if he or she wears any contact lenses.

Maximum Age Limit on Wearing Coloured Contacts

If you are concerned about a maximum age limit to wear these lenses, there is no limit. As you age, though, certain eye conditions can occur, such as dry eyes that make it difficult to wear disposable coloured contact lenses. Discuss your particular eye condition if you suffer from one with an eye doctor to learn if it is safe for you to wear these lenses. The doctor may have a solution to the issue that still allows you to enhance or change your natural eye colour with tinted contacts.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each brand of coloured contacts will contain unique wear and care instructions. Your child or you should follow these instructions closely to ensure a pleasurable, safe experience while wearing the disposable coloured contacts. On top of this, use only approved solution to cleanse and sanitise your lenses when necessary. In between uses, store the lenses in a sanitised contact case.

You or your child can safely enhance or change a natural eye colour with the disposable coloured contact lenses when the appropriate measures are observed. Do not allow your child to think of these lenses as toys since this may cause harm to his or her eyes. In addition, you should remember always to check with an eye professional before purchasing coloured lenses for you or your child.