How to Maximise and Extend the Life of Your Coloured Contact Lens

While turning to a colored contact lens in each eye in order to enhance your natural eye colour is an interesting way to alter your appearance, you still need to care for this type of contacts with the same diligence as traditional contacts. Proper care is the only way to maximise and possibly extend the lifespan of your coloured contacts. Follow the steps to care for your coloured lenses to ensure they safely last as long as possible.

Basic Care Instructions for Coloured Contacts

1. Purchase a lens case for your contacts if one does not come with them. Also, purchase the right sterile, contact lens solution to clean your lenses. You need to ensure that this solution is safe for coloured contacts so ask your optometrist which one to purchase.

2. Wash your hands with mild soap, and rinse and dry them before you handle your contacts. Otherwise, you can transfer dirt, debris, bodily oils and germs to them.

3. Clean contacts and rinse them only with a recommended sterile solution for coloured contacts. Never use plain water from a tap or bottle since it is not sterile and may cause eye infections.

4. Be careful not to scratch your contacts with your fingernails or sharp objects. Once they develop scratches, the lenses are no longer safe or comfortable to wear.

5. Keep your case clean in between uses by washing it with the sterile lens solution and allowing it to air dry.

6. Wait until you insert your contacts before you apply your cosmetics. This ensures that no creams or makeup items accidentally taint your lenses.

7. Do not wear a pair of colored contact lens during swimming in a pool. The chlorine is strong enough to fade and damage the lenses.

8. Examine your coloured contacts periodically for tears, scratches, protein buildup, or other issues. For the protein buildup, there is a special solution to remove this from your lenses. Ask your optometrist for the one that is best for coloured lenses.

9. When you do not wear your coloured contacts regularly, they still need cleaning once each month with the correct sterile solution. Always clean and sanitise them the day before you plan to wear them.

10. You should always use fresh solution each time you clean your lenses.

Follow the above steps and you will receive maximum wear from your pair of colored contact lens. You will safeguard your eyes from infection at the same time.