How To Choose Coloured Contact Lenses Based On Your Hair and Skin Colour

Coloured contact lenses or contacts will enhance your appearance by altering your natural eye colour in some manner. You can find these lenses in colours ranging from light blue to pure honey. While all the various shades may appeal to you when you first view them, not all will be ideal for your skin tone or hair colour. As a result, it is advisable that you learn how to analyse which colours will complement your appearance best before you purchase any of these lenses.

Skin Tone Can Affect Your Choice in Coloured Contact Lenses

Human skin ranges in colours from light to dark. Within these various colours, you will also find both warm and cool tones. You should determine if your skin tone belongs in the cool or the warm category when you shop for the right colour of contact lenses for your features. Cool skin tones contain pink to blue undertones while warm skin tones have yellow to olive undertones.

Blue and violet shades of contacts are best with cool tones of skin. Honey, brown and green tints of contact lenses are ideal for warm tones of skin. In addition, you will need to consider your hair colour on top of your skin tone to come up with the perfect colour match for your overall appearance.

The Shade of Contacts to Select for Your Hair Colour

Blond-haired people should consider the blue shades of contacts since the majority of these shades enhance their appearance without clashing with their other features. Of course, greens and browns also are attractive choices. In other words, practically all colours of contacts will work with blond hair.

Brown-haired individuals can enjoy blue, honey, violet and green tones. If you have light-brown hair, you can select dark tones of lenses such as violet to highlight your eyes. The lighter shades of contact lenses work best with dark-brown hair.

Black-haired people’s eyes are typically better highlighted with bluish or greyish tints of contacts than with other colours of the lenses. Lighter colours in these tints will help the eyes to glow while the darker colours have a more subdued effect.

Red-haired individuals should be sure whatever shade of contacts they select that it does not clash with their hair colour. Green is hands down the best contact colour for a redhead, but shades of blue also are complimentary with those with red hair.

When you combine the ideal recommendations for your skin tone and hair colour, your choice of contact colour is likely to fall somewhere in the middle. We just provide you with a place to start as you try to decide which coloured contact lenses are ideal for you. You may have other preferences to those we suggest and that is fine as the final decision is up to you.