Helpful Tips for New Contact Lens Users

Coloured contacts are an ideal way to alter your eye colour for costume or daily purposes. The fact that they are non-prescription and contain a tint or a special design, such as the Smiley Halloween lenses that we carry here at Freshtone, does not mean these lenses are toys. You must learn how to care for and wear these in the appropriate manner, especially when you are among the numerous new contact lens wearers out there today. For this reason, we offer you some tips on this topic in the following facts.

1. Understand the technical specifications of your coloured contacts. Our contacts contain a base curve of 8.6-mm and a 14.5-mm diameter. They are non-prescription, but you should still check with an optometrist before ordering or wearing them. The water content of our lenses is 42%, and we recommend a monthly use cycle period for our contacts.

2. You should always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your lenses.

3. Start with the right eye each time you go to insert your lenses to prevent mixing up your contacts. First, rinse your lens with the recommended contact-lens solution to remove any dust or debris, unless they are fresh out of the box. A new pair of our coloured contacts is ready to wear from the box.

3. Place the right lens on the tip of the index finger on your dominant hand to place it into your right eye. Hold your upper eyelid open with your other hand so you do not blink and gently pull your lower lid down towards your cheek at the same time. You should look up to the ceiling while you place the contact on the lower area of your eye. Gradually release upper and lower lids and blink three or four times to centre your contact.

4. Repeat number two and three for the left eye.

5. If your new contact lens for either eye feels uncomfortable, remove and inspect it for debris or damage. Any damaged lens should be thrown away. When debris is the issue, just clean the lens and re-insert it.

6. The procedure for removing the lenses is similar to inserting them except you slide the contacts down to the lower part of the eye and gently squeeze to remove them. Place the right one on the right side of your case and left one in the left side.

7. You should never re-use contact-lens solution. Wash your contact-lens case between each storage session and re-fill with fresh solution before placing your contacts in the case.

8. You must never wear dirty or damaged contacts since this may cause infection.

9. Keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible when wearing your contacts to prevent germs from entering in between the contacts and the eyes.

10. Do not wear your coloured contacts beyond 30 days.

Follow the tips above and you will not only wear your new contact lens correctly, but also care for them in the proper manner. Please, browse through our website to discover our stock of coloured contacts that we offer our customers.