Freshtone starts retro gaming competition off with a bang








Freshtone lenses have started their very first competition with none other then the elusive snes classic mini. This item has still yet to be released to the public and all pre-orders of this console have been sold out in mere minutes. We weep for our fellow gamers that didn’t manage to get this console as it was only available at selected retailers at around 3am and it still sold out in under 9 minutes. Nintendo have also said they are not planning on manufacturing any more of these past 2017, which means that ebay scalpers will be rubbing their grubby hands together (damn you scalpers) and us lesser mortals will mostly miss out.

It actually pains us to give this one away as we had to do a lot of questionable things in order to get this elusive console but alas business is business! 

Please visit here for more details : Freshtone Lenses SNES Competition 

Good luck and godspeed!




Below are some of the games that come pre installed in  the new snes console!