Freshtone will move to 100% compostable satchels

Freshtone is proud to announce that we are moving away from traditional paper and plastic packing satchels and will be partnering with Australian company Hero Packaging that has made it their mission to eliminate plastics from Australia that destroy our important ecosystem and hurt our sea life and wildlife around the world.

Companies need to play a part in preserving our world for our kids and their kids so this little change despite costing more will help cause less rubbish.

Our satchels will be 100% biodegradable

Our satchels will look and feel like a hellavalot like plastic, but it’s not. Not even close. It is a 100% biodegradable, home-compostable shipping satchel and is made from 70-80% PBAT (a co-polymer that is completely biodegradable) and 20-30% PLA (which is a fancy way of saying cornstarch).

In a commercial compostable environment, it will break-down within 90 days. At home, it may take up to 120 days.

This change should be implemented fully by the 1st may 2019.

Kind regards

The Freshtone Team

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