Covid-19 & The Future Of Freshtone

Hi guys

As all of you are aware, Covid-19 and the Australian government shutdown of near all non essential services have paralysed most retailers in our industry with mass job losses all around. Whilst we have been heavily affected also in regards to social distancing/ logistic issues and a 92% percent drop in sales we have actually been planning a way we can remain open and continue to provide our products to the people that want it without breaking social distancing protocols and protecting what workers we have left, this will be fully implemented by the end of next week. While we are moving into this new structure we will note that delays are inevitable with all current orders. Rest assured we will send out every single back order we have within the next 4 days and will eventually have some customer support up and running again soon. We really do apologise for the delay and we very much appreciate the customers that have stuck with us. We also hope and pray for everyone that has been effected by this cataclysmic event that they recover and start enjoying life again to it’s fullest. In the meantime stay safe, stay vigilant and look after the one’s you love.

The Freshtone Team