Can Light Coloured Lenses Work With Dark Eyes?

When people have dark eyes, they may think that light coloured contacts will not enhance their natural colour. Years ago, this assumption would have been right, but it is no longer the case, as advancements in the production of these lenses have made it possible to do this today. Consumers just need to understand the right type of contacts to purchase.

The Types of Coloured Contacts

Enhancement lenses are for highlighting the existing eye colour and not for changing it. The reason for this is the fact that these lenses are transparent. You can punch up the blue in your eyes or add a hint of green to your baby blues for just two examples. Lenses such as these are perfect for people with light eyes, but we do not recommend these lenses for people with dark eyes.

Opaque lenses are impenetrable by light, which provides these contacts with the ability to change all natural eye colours. Even when you have dark brown, blue or green eyes, you can sufficiently change the colours by wearing opaque coloured contacts.

Halloween Crazy Lenses are opaque coloured contacts for use with costumes. Lenses such as these are for theatrical effect instead of just changing the natural colour of your eyes.

What Kind of Change You Can Expect with Light Opaque Lenses

We provide you some examples in this section of how light opaque lenses can change natural eye colours.

• Sapphire Blue will transform brown into a deep, rich shade of blue. Your eyes will still be dark and mysterious just in a new way.

• Jade Green will change dark blue eyes into a sparkling shade of green. Confuse people by altering your eye colour back and forth throughout the week.

• Warm Honey will change dark green eyes into light brown ones instantly. Your eyes will have a sultry glow with this shade of contacts.

• Deep Blue contacts will turn hazel eyes into brilliant blue ones. Dazzle your friends with this selection.

• Chestnut Brown lenses on dark blue eyes produce medium brown eyes with copper highlights. Warm up your cool blues by donning these contacts.

• Hazel Green will change black eyes into warm rich brown ones. Your eyes will shine with delight while you wear this shade of opaque lenses.

As you can see, light coloured contacts can indeed work with dark eyes. Just be sure the lenses are opaque ones and not enhancement ones to receive the desired effect. You can view the above examples on your own on the Freshtone website, as we offer a Find Your Look feature on our homepage where you can select your eye colour and the contact colour you would like to try on your eyes.