Blue Contact Lenses: How Should You Determine the Right Blues for You?

Whether you wish to change your existing eye colour daily, or for a Halloween or other costume event, blue-tinted contact lenses may be the right answer for your needs. Today, there are a number of different choices in blue contact lenses that provide an effective way to intensify or change your natural blue eyes, or change your brown or green eyes to a vivid blue shade. How should you select the shade that is right for you?

First, if your eyes are pale blue, any of shades of blue contact lenses will effectively enhance your eyes including the Light Blue ones. A pale tint such as this is reminiscent of a blue ocean, and it complements all skin tones and hair colours. Of course, if you decide on a darker blue, your eyes will stand out even more vividly. It all depends on the statement you wish to broadcast to others.

When your eyes are a dark shade of green, brown, or even blue, you will need opaque contact lenses such as the Sapphire Blue ones to alter your natural colour. A deep blue such as this adds a certain allure to your overall appearance. Caribbean Blue is another shade that is effective in changing or enhancing dark eyes. Travel to the tropics with this rich blue tint. The tint is a bit darker than that of the Sapphire Blue ones.

You may also consider whether you have dark or light skin tone and hair when selecting the right shade of blue for you. Light or dark blues will enhance your appearance attractively when you have blond hair and a pale skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone and dark brown or black hair, you may prefer the lighter shades of blue, as your eyes will be more noticeable.

For costume purposes, you should consider the Blue Super Nova selection in Halloween contact lenses. When you wear these lenses, you not only change the tint of your eyes, but in an eerie, zombie-type manner. Startle your friends as never before this fall just by wearing these lenses regardless of the rest of your costume!

Are you planning to wear a cat costume for Halloween or another event, and want startling blue eyes? Top it off with the blue, cat-eye, contact lenses to accomplish the desired effect. Sea Siren Lenses is the name of this selection, and the black pupil is oval similar to that of a cat’s pupil. There is a black border that outlines the lenses. The iris is a vivid blue.

Whatever the reason you wish to try blue contact lenses, Freshtone has the right ones for your needs. Which blue is right for you? To help you decide, we have a chart on the website that will allow you to view an example prior to the purchase of your lenses. We provide a vibrant range of not only blue contact lenses, but also other shades. All of our contact lenses are hygienic, safe and come with instructions on how to insert, remove and store them in the correct manner.