Counterfeit Lenses

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It has come to our attention that various sites are trying to sell our lenses as the genuine product, These items have not been tested nor made by us. Use extreme caution when purchasing lenses that have our brand but are sold by a third party supplier. These items are generally cheaper however they have not been tested/accredited and can effect the health of your eye instantly. If you think you have purchased lenses that may be fake elsewhere, then please send us a photo of the barcode and where you purchased it.

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Freshtone April Holidays And Delivery Time Announcement

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As we have worked all through Christmas and Easter without a break, Freshtone will be ceasing all order deliveries and customer support between Friday the 13th April to the 27th April. We will be disabling all express post and Sendle express orders as we don’t want you paying for a service we can’t provide. You may still order your product as per normal however only the free shipping option will be available. We will be back in action again on the 27-29th of April for dispatching delivery.

We are sorry for the wait this may cause some of our customers.

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Our May Competition Is Almost Here!

We are excited to announce that our May competition has nearly arrived and we have some great prizes that will be on display for our lucky customers. The competition will work like our others competitions in the past. Customers that order the necessary amount to qualify will receive a code token and we will use that to select 10 lucky winners from the pool.

We will have more information on prizes next week!


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After Christmas dispatch

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just a quick update to let everyone know their orders will begin dispatching on Thursday the 28th Dec. If your currently waiting on your order please know that it will be dispatched via priority mailing for a speedier delivery.

Thanks for your patience, we hope everyone was spoilt rotten!


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Freshtone has introduced bitcoin as a new method of payment!

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Freshtone has now incorporated Bitcoin as new payment method. We are responding to an increasing customer request for this payment method! We anticipate a slow start however the trend of bitcoin payments is rising at an incredible rate.

We know this new service will help our customers in more far reaching countries to make purchases and we are very happy to incorporate this into the Freshtone brand.


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Our new Loyalty program has arrived!

The Freshtone team is excited to announce our new Loyalty program for new and existing customers. This is our new updated version and has now been fully integrated with our site. If you are new customer then simply create a new account with us and you will be rewarded with a signup bonus! For existing customers simply login with the email address you used to sign up previously and you will see all your old points transferred over into your new account. We know you will love it as it is a very generous program!

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Freshtone will soon release our new Loyalty & Rewards program.

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We are currently in the finishing stages of releasing our brand new Beans Reward program for all our current and new customers! Everyone who has already made an account with us and BEANS will get an update and will be able to keep their current points.

We have used the older version of beans however this has needed to be updated for some time as it could get quite confusing.

Keep your eyes peeled everyone!

Freshtone starts retro gaming competition off with a bang








Freshtone lenses have started their very first competition with none other then the elusive snes classic mini. This item has still yet to be released to the public and all pre-orders of this console have been sold out in mere minutes. We weep for our fellow gamers that didn’t manage to get this console as it was only available at selected retailers at around 3am and it still sold out in under 9 minutes. Nintendo have also said they are not planning on manufacturing any more of these past 2017, which means that ebay scalpers will be rubbing their grubby hands together (damn you scalpers) and us lesser mortals will mostly miss out.

It actually pains us to give this one away as we had to do a lot of questionable things in order to get this elusive console but alas business is business! 

Please visit here for more details : Freshtone Lenses SNES Competition 

Good luck and godspeed!




Below are some of the games that come pre installed in  the new snes console!


Freshtone Partners with Afterpay

Freshtone is happy to announce that we are now offering Afterpay to all our Australian & New Zealand customers. These guys rock and their product is a great fit for us and for our customers. Our site is now integrated with afterpay and you can start using them today!

For all our international customers unfortunately Afterpay does not provide services outside of Australia and New Zealand as yet however that will undoubtedly change in the near future (especially for U.S customers)  In the meantime we still offer Paypal and our great Pin payments system for all international debit/mastercard payments.


Freshtone partners with Sendle

In a huge effort to reduce shipping prices, slow delivery times and lost & misplaced items, we are happy to announce that we have incorporated Sendle as our primary shipping method. Sendle offers a cheap and extremely quick solution to Australia posts somewhat laggy and indifferent approach to item delivery. Sendle is Available as of today and will literally cut our delivery times in half. Also we are doing our part to help preserve our wonderful earth by using a shipping service that is 100% carbon Neutral.

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Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Many people are now choosing to use contact lenses, even if it is just for fashion because they’re fun to wear. Because, many people are now starting to wear contact lenses, especially in the fashion and movie industries, there is a growing concern for preventing dry eyes when wearing fashionable Fresh Tone contact lenses.

Made of high-grade soft plastic, coloured contact lenses are comfortable to wear, if they are applied properly. Basically, if you want to prevent dry eyes while wearing your contact lenses, applying them correctly is the first place to start, otherwise you may have a day filled with dry, red itchy eyes.

Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

The eye is the most sensitive part of the body, so it makes sense that extra care is taken when applying your contact lenses. Thoroughly clean your hands with soap and wash them off liberally with water to ensure that no dust or dirt particles get on your contact lenses when you put them on. You may not notice any discomfort at first, by your eyes can become very dry, red and uncomfortable as your eyes try to work them out.

If you do wash your hands regularly when applying your lenses and still feel discomfort, pain and your eyes still become dry, you should then consult your eye doctor. Some people who wear fashionable contact lenses for the entertainment industry, or just for fashion may discover that they are unable to wear them, but an eye doctor can determine if that is the case. Allergies are another culprit that cause dry and itching eyes while wearing contact lenses.

Allergies can come from the contact lens solution or the eye drops you use, but your eye doctor can help you track down the source of the allergies, and then he can prescribe alternatives.

Common Contact Lens Sense

The best tips for preventing dry eyes when wearing coloured contact lenses all originate from common sense. Wash your hands and rinse them liberally before applying your contact lenses, clean them often and store them in a safe place, and then consult your eye doctor to make sure that you can wear contact lenses. Another way to prevent dry eyes while wearing contact lenses is to check the ingredients of your eye drops, contact lens solution, and any eye cream that you use to make sure these don’t contain something that will cause an allergic reaction.

Fresh Tone quality contact lenses also help to prevent dry eyes because they fit better than other brands and are more comfortable to wear. If you want that ‘fresh’ new look, for all to ‘see’, then Fresh Tone has the contact lenses for you.

Why Sharing Your Coloured Contact Lens is Not Advisable?

We learn throughout our lives that sharing is a kind and generous activity to participate in within certain parameters. While it is okay to share your wealth, clothes or food items with others, you should not allow others to use your personal items such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes, lipsticks, combs and coloured contact lens. The last item is the basis for our discussion today. We will explain in the information below why you need to keep your coloured contacts for only your use.

Risk of Bacteria

Passing contact lenses back and forth between users substantially increasing the risk of bacteria for all users. Not everyone’s eyes are healthy so you may catch another person’s eye infection through sharing your contacts. Doctors even advise contact wearers not to switch which eye they place each contact in for the same reasons.

Danger of Eye Abrasions

Since your coloured contact lens will conform to the shape of your eye over time, if you share it with another person, it may alter the shape of it. When this occurs, there is a higher risk of eye abrasions. An abrasion is simply a scratch on the eye, which may lead to irritation or worse, an infection. In extreme cases, this scratch might negatively affect your vision depending on where it is located on the eye.

Others May Not Care for the Contacts in the Correct Manner

Another reason for not sharing your coloured contacts is the fact that others might neglect caring for your contacts in the right way. This may cause damage to the lens such as a scratch or tear in the lens. When this occurs, there is no other remedy for the problem other than buying new contacts.

Your Budget Might Suffer a Loss

Your tight budget may suffer a loss of funds if you need to replace your coloured contacts sooner than you originally planned to purchase new ones. If you continue to loan out your contacts, this will add up to expenditures that may limit your spending in more important areas of your life. Avoid this problem by not sharing your contacts with anyone.

Always keep your coloured contact lens to yourself for all the above reasons. This is just as important as following all the other instructions for proper wear and care of your contacts. These lenses are enjoyable and safe to wear when you take the correct precautions. Ignore the precautions and you only will cause your eyes problems.

Your Online Shopping Guide When Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

If your eyes are not the colour that you desire them to be, you can always turn to non-prescription, coloured contact lenses to alter their appearance. Before you purchase any of these lenses, though, you need to educate yourself about the different types of these coloured contacts that are available today along with other information. You will then be able to select the best lenses for your purposes. Read our guide below to learn additional facts about these lenses.

Different Types of Non-Prescription Coloured Contacts

You will need to purchase the right style of coloured contacts to enhance or change your eye colour depending on your goal. Learn about the three main types of these lenses in the following facts:

• Opaque lenses are non-transparent in nature and will change your natural eye colour successfully. You can take pale blue eyes and transform them into brown ones or vice versa, just for a couple of examples. When your natural eye colour is dark, it is recommended that you purchase opaque coloured contacts to obtain desired results.

• Enhancement contacts on the other hand, just intensify a natural, light eye colouring. For example, turn pale blue eyes into medium or deep blue.

• Costume lenses are ideal for Halloween, theatrical productions and other costume-oriented events where changing your eyes will enhance the overall appearance of the character that you portray for the event.

A Wide Assortment of Colours Is Available Online

Freshtone offers a wide variety of colours in these lenses online for your convenience. We provide blue, brown, green, grey and even a violet version of these contacts, such as the ones listed below:

• Aqua
• Sapphire Blue
• Light Blue
• Caribbean Blue
• Pure Honey
• Pure Hazel
• Green
• Gemstone Green
• Sugar Grey
• Sterling Grey
• Violet

The Various Types of Costume Lenses

Whether you are dressing as a dragon, a zombie or other character, you may wish to enhance your eyes to complete your costume. We offer Dragon, Hypnotic Swirl, Hulk, Twighlight Volturi, Terminator T800, Zombie and other costume selections of these lenses online. You can even select the Smiley Halloween Lenses for a unique appearance for your eyes.

Important Advice About Non-Prescription, Coloured Contacts

Even though our coloured contact lenses are non-prescription, you should still consult with an optometrist before your purchase our lenses to ensure that you have no underlying eye problems that hinder your ability to wear our lenses safely. While you are at the visit with this eye doctor, you also may wish to ask how to wear and care for the lenses in the correct manner.

Browse through our entire selection at your leisure and select the coloured contact lenses that best suit your purpose. We provide high-quality contacts at affordable prices.

Helpful Tips for New Contact Lens Users

Coloured contacts are an ideal way to alter your eye colour for costume or daily purposes. The fact that they are non-prescription and contain a tint or a special design, such as the Smiley Halloween lenses that we carry here at Freshtone, does not mean these lenses are toys. You must learn how to care for and wear these in the appropriate manner, especially when you are among the numerous new contact lens wearers out there today. For this reason, we offer you some tips on this topic in the following facts.

1. Understand the technical specifications of your coloured contacts. Our contacts contain a base curve of 8.6-mm and a 14.5-mm diameter. They are non-prescription, but you should still check with an optometrist before ordering or wearing them. The water content of our lenses is 42%, and we recommend a monthly use cycle period for our contacts.

2. You should always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your lenses.

3. Start with the right eye each time you go to insert your lenses to prevent mixing up your contacts. First, rinse your lens with the recommended contact-lens solution to remove any dust or debris, unless they are fresh out of the box. A new pair of our coloured contacts is ready to wear from the box.

3. Place the right lens on the tip of the index finger on your dominant hand to place it into your right eye. Hold your upper eyelid open with your other hand so you do not blink and gently pull your lower lid down towards your cheek at the same time. You should look up to the ceiling while you place the contact on the lower area of your eye. Gradually release upper and lower lids and blink three or four times to centre your contact.

4. Repeat number two and three for the left eye.

5. If your new contact lens for either eye feels uncomfortable, remove and inspect it for debris or damage. Any damaged lens should be thrown away. When debris is the issue, just clean the lens and re-insert it.

6. The procedure for removing the lenses is similar to inserting them except you slide the contacts down to the lower part of the eye and gently squeeze to remove them. Place the right one on the right side of your case and left one in the left side.

7. You should never re-use contact-lens solution. Wash your contact-lens case between each storage session and re-fill with fresh solution before placing your contacts in the case.

8. You must never wear dirty or damaged contacts since this may cause infection.

9. Keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible when wearing your contacts to prevent germs from entering in between the contacts and the eyes.

10. Do not wear your coloured contacts beyond 30 days.

Follow the tips above and you will not only wear your new contact lens correctly, but also care for them in the proper manner. Please, browse through our website to discover our stock of coloured contacts that we offer our customers.

Is There an Ideal Age for Wearing Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses?

While disposable coloured contact lenses are an effective way to enhance or change a person’s natural eye colour, you might wonder if there is an ideal age at which to wear these contacts. There are no set age recommendations as when one is ready to wear these lenses or when a person may be too old under certain circumstances. We can provide you with some general guidelines below, though, to help you figure out if you or your children are at the right age for these coloured contacts.

Minimum Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement depends upon the maturity of your child more than his or her chronological age, but normally, eye doctors recommend that children be at least 12 years of age before they wear these coloured lenses. Your child must first understand how to wear and take care of them in the proper manner. If your child is not mature enough to understand the instructions, it is best to wait until he or she is older to wear the lenses. Improper care and wear will lead to eye issues. Always consult with an optometrist or other eye specialist before you allow your child to wear coloured contacts to ensure that there are no underlying issues, such as seasonal allergies that may cause serious problems for a child if he or she wears any contact lenses.

Maximum Age Limit on Wearing Coloured Contacts

If you are concerned about a maximum age limit to wear these lenses, there is no limit. As you age, though, certain eye conditions can occur, such as dry eyes that make it difficult to wear disposable coloured contact lenses. Discuss your particular eye condition if you suffer from one with an eye doctor to learn if it is safe for you to wear these lenses. The doctor may have a solution to the issue that still allows you to enhance or change your natural eye colour with tinted contacts.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each brand of coloured contacts will contain unique wear and care instructions. Your child or you should follow these instructions closely to ensure a pleasurable, safe experience while wearing the disposable coloured contacts. On top of this, use only approved solution to cleanse and sanitise your lenses when necessary. In between uses, store the lenses in a sanitised contact case.

You or your child can safely enhance or change a natural eye colour with the disposable coloured contact lenses when the appropriate measures are observed. Do not allow your child to think of these lenses as toys since this may cause harm to his or her eyes. In addition, you should remember always to check with an eye professional before purchasing coloured lenses for you or your child.

How to Maximise and Extend the Life of Your Coloured Contact Lens

While turning to a colored contact lens in each eye in order to enhance your natural eye colour is an interesting way to alter your appearance, you still need to care for this type of contacts with the same diligence as traditional contacts. Proper care is the only way to maximise and possibly extend the lifespan of your coloured contacts. Follow the steps to care for your coloured lenses to ensure they safely last as long as possible.

Basic Care Instructions for Coloured Contacts

1. Purchase a lens case for your contacts if one does not come with them. Also, purchase the right sterile, contact lens solution to clean your lenses. You need to ensure that this solution is safe for coloured contacts so ask your optometrist which one to purchase.

2. Wash your hands with mild soap, and rinse and dry them before you handle your contacts. Otherwise, you can transfer dirt, debris, bodily oils and germs to them.

3. Clean contacts and rinse them only with a recommended sterile solution for coloured contacts. Never use plain water from a tap or bottle since it is not sterile and may cause eye infections.

4. Be careful not to scratch your contacts with your fingernails or sharp objects. Once they develop scratches, the lenses are no longer safe or comfortable to wear.

5. Keep your case clean in between uses by washing it with the sterile lens solution and allowing it to air dry.

6. Wait until you insert your contacts before you apply your cosmetics. This ensures that no creams or makeup items accidentally taint your lenses.

7. Do not wear a pair of colored contact lens during swimming in a pool. The chlorine is strong enough to fade and damage the lenses.

8. Examine your coloured contacts periodically for tears, scratches, protein buildup, or other issues. For the protein buildup, there is a special solution to remove this from your lenses. Ask your optometrist for the one that is best for coloured lenses.

9. When you do not wear your coloured contacts regularly, they still need cleaning once each month with the correct sterile solution. Always clean and sanitise them the day before you plan to wear them.

10. You should always use fresh solution each time you clean your lenses.

Follow the above steps and you will receive maximum wear from your pair of colored contact lens. You will safeguard your eyes from infection at the same time.


Soft Contact Lenses Versus Hard Contact Lenses: What’s the Difference?

When in search of contact lenses, you will come across both hard and soft contact lenses. You may or may not understand the difference between them, but this is important as to how you wear them and care for them. They both live up to their names since the hard ones are of a rigid material, and the soft ones are of a pliable material. Let’s examine the differences closer to help you discover additional information.

Facts about Hard Contact Lenses

Hard contacts are also known as gas permeable contacts or GP lenses and were made from an acrylic glass originally, but now they are made from a plastic-like substance that may even contain silicone. They are more rigid than soft ones are but will bend ever so slightly similar to the plastic in disposable utensils. As people wear these lenses, the contacts will shift during eye movements, and this allows the eyes to receive oxygen and moisture from the natural lubrication in the eyes.

Since these lenses are so rigid in nature, it requires time for the wearer to adapt to how they feel against the eyes. Hard contacts offer superior vision correction since they hold their shape during all eye movements, including blinking. GP lenses are ideal for correcting astigmatism, do not dehydrate and simple to maintain. The disadvantages of these lenses are that they can dislodge from the proper position, accumulate dust or debris under them and will scratch easily if the wearer is not careful with them. In addition, people need to wear them all the time to become comfortable with them, and there is a higher risk of eye infection with GP lenses in comparison to soft lenses.

Information on Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contacts contain a flexible hyrdrogel, which is a water-absorbing polymer. Hydrogel uses its moisture content to provide oxygen to the eyes right through the contacts. The water content of these lenses ranges from 38 to over 68 percent depending on their brand. Since there is this high of a moisture content in the soft lenses, they stay soft and flexible during wear.

Advantages of soft contacts include how comfortable the fit is from the beginning, the user can wear them part-time and they do no dislodge easily. Soft lenses also stay in the proper positioning easier than hard ones do, which makes them ideal even for physical activities, such as sports. Dirt and debris will not become trapped under these lenses as much as with the hard ones. The disadvantages of soft contacts are that they require additional cleaning and care than the hard ones do since they absorb pollutants from the air.

Consult with an eye doctor to learn whether hard contact lenses or soft contact lenses are ideal for your eyes. The doctor is the only one who can guide you in the right direction.

Latest Coloured Contact Lenses in Style for the New Year

There is a multitude of coloured contact lenses in style for the New Year. In fact, coloured contacts have become the “latest designer accessory” to complete an up-to-date look. And one of the best ways to transform your look safety and have a little fun is with your eyes.

The latest trends are vast. Plus the variety of colours and styles make it easy to select the ideal contact lenses to suit your needs. And as with all contact lenses, it is recommended that you consult with your eye-care practitioner to ensure the correct fitting and the right suitability.

For Light Coloured Eyes

There are various “in vogue” looks for light coloured eyes. If you want to change the colour but still keep a natural look, you might want to try green or grey if your natural eye color is blue. If your natural eye color green then try blue or grey. However, if you desire a more subtle look, you can select an enhancement tint that just enriches your natural color and outlines the edges of your iris. For a more bold change, you may want to consider a warm tone such as light brown.

For Dark Coloured Eyes

One of the biggest trends for dark coloured eyes is opaque colored tints. Opaque contact lenses are designed to change the color of dark eyes entirely. Opaque is not transparent but it is solid and does not allow visibility of your natural colour. For a more subtle look, try hazel, grey or light a honey brown coloured lenses. For a bold look, select vibrant colors like green, blue, violet and amethyst. In fact, the contrast of dark skin tone and bright coloured lenses can create a whole new you.

Other Popular Trends

One of the most fashionable trends for contact lenses are ones that fit a special occasion. For instance, dragon or twighlight lenses are popular for Halloween parties. Also, many choose an eye-catching lens for other gatherings like a costume ball or night on the town. Some of the trendiest looks that complete your attire are cat eyes. In fact, there are numerous types of cat eyes available like leopard lenses, blue or yellow cat eyes and cute kitty. But regardless of what colour or style of lenses you choose, you will definitely stand out in a crowd. What is more, coloured contact lenses in style for the New Year are not just a trend but a fashion statement here to stay.

Dare To Be Different With Exotic Coloured Contact Lenses

Have you ever imagined having attractive, radiant eyes that actually get noticed? Well today, you can make that dream a reality with exotic coloured contact lenses. You can actually make brown eyes look blue or change your ordinary eye color into any shade you desire. There is an array of shades to fit your individualized mood, personality or even style of dress. To ignite your special charisma or sex appeal, a deep azure blue can show off your unique charm. Or maybe violet coloured eyes that give off sultry appeal which expresses a mysterious quality.

Being Different

Dare to be different with exotic coloured contact lenses. If you desire a more visual impact with exceptional contrast, select a colour that is greatly different from your normal eye color. From there, you can create a new dazzling look that is fashionable, inspiring and so very ‘in’ vogue. In truth, it has been a long held secret in Hollywood that the eyes are what capture an audience. Even today’s top celebrities recognize the power of eye contact. Actually, many celebrities use coloured contact lenses to create a grander connection with their fans. And just like the stars, you can also unlock the key to beautiful eyes.

Special Occasions

Coloured contact lenses are ideal for special occasions or a social gathering like a wedding, black tie event or the prom. You can actually select a color that accentuates your dress so that you look absolutely stunning. And whether you want baby blue eyes or sensational green, you will be amazed at how natural and simple-to-wear today’s colored contacts truly are.

What is more, no style or shade is impossible, regardless if you have light or dark coloured eyes. And as it happens, you will be able to alter the colour of your eyes and your appearance instantaneously. Compared to former designs, todays exotic coloured contact lenses have far surpassed their counterparts. They even come in stunning dual-color effects that offers a true natural look that is priceless and unforgettable. Coloured contact lenses are also popular with men. They are a hit in the fashion and business world. And when it comes to romance, they make a great first impression.

Truthfully, colour contact lenses make life more fun and exciting. They deliver a wonderful sense of drama and a spirit of playfulness. In reality, they may just make you feel more outgoing and self-assured. So go ahead, dare to be different.

Tips in Finding the Best Deals for Contact Lenses Online

When it comes to finding the best deal, there are many choices for contact lenses online. But finding the right source for your lenses can be challenging. Here are a few tips that can help.

Value vs Price

A product that is cheaper does not indicate a better value. With all purchases, you want the best overall value for your money. That includes both the price and quality of the merchandise. For instance, low quality products can cost you a lot more in the long run. Generally low quality products do not last and need to be replaced. Hence, it is best to buy quality products that have a reasonable price. This is particularly important when buying contact lenses, where products and professional services are of upmost concern.


If a product is not available then even a lower price is insignificant. In truth, it will not do you much good if a product is out of stock and you need it now. Choose a company that has a wide range of contact lenses so availability is not an issue.

Customer Service

When buying contact lenses online it is important that a company have good customer care. If they have impolite customer service or unacceptable delays then most likely there will be continual issues. In this case, it is best find a different company that appreciates your business.

Important Information

When it comes to value, important information about your contact lenses is priceless. The best deals include essential material about inserting your lenses, proper hygiene and appropriate care of your contacts.

Quality and Price

Price can vary from vender to vendor, even online. The same goes for quality. Make sure to look for a company’s standards on health and hygiene. This is imperative, especially when it comes to contact lenses. Most importantly, packaging needs to be enclosed, fully sealed and leak proof.

Comparing Businesses

When comparing companies, the size of a business is relevant.

  • Larger companies may be more dependable and stable. If you need to return or exchange a product or there is difficulty with credit card transactions, you want to be ensured that the company will still be in business.
  • Larger companies usually have more lenses in stock. This gives them the ability to ship your lenses faster.

However, a reputable contact seller does not have to be enormous. You just want to be sure that the business is not a basement operation.


Buying contact lenses online is definitely convenient. You have easy access to information plus a much broader selection of lenses. When shopping locally you need to consider the value of your time and the cost of gas.

Order Contact Lenses Online – No Need for Prescription, Everything is Hassle Free!

When you just want to change or enhance the natural colour with tinted contact lenses without vision correction, you want to find a site that does not require a doctor’s prescription to fill your order. Non-prescription contacts such as these commonly are called plano lenses. Luckily, you can purchase these contact lenses online at our company, Freshtone. We carry a large assortment of plano coloured lenses, including a number of Halloween or costume styles. Our company makes the order process as hassle free as possible.

Whether your goal is to order one pair, multiple pairs or our Colours of the Wind Box Set of coloured contact lenses, we provide you quality lenses at affordable prices without the need of a prescription. We offer different shades of green, blue, brown, violet and even grey. Along with these shades, we have a wide selection of Halloween contact lenses that will enhance all sorts of the costumes for Halloween or other costume-themed events.

Browse Our Standard, Non-Costume Contacts

With colours such as Aqua, Sapphire Blue Caribbean Blue, Sugar Grey, Light Blue, Violet, Pure Honey, Pure Hazel, Green, Gemstone and Sterling Grey, you will easily find the ideal shade to change or enhance your natural eye colour. You may desire more than one colour to keep your gang guessing on what your natural eye colour is today. Wear a different shade each day of the week if you so choose to make life interesting.

Discover Our New Styles

On top of our standard colours and costume lenses, we now also offer Queen of Hearts, Cute Kitty, Naughty Devil and Yellow Cat Eyes styles that are ideal for occasions that call for costumes. The Queen of Hearts style has a red heart around the pupil on a white iris. Cute Kitty has the face of a cat around the pupil on a white iris. Naughty Devil has devil horns above and a devil tail below the pupil on a red iris. Yellow Cat Eyes has the oval pupil that is catlike with a yellow iris.

Our Other Halloween Contacts

Aside from the above new Halloween contacts, we also carry the following:

• Dragon
• Hypnotic Swirl
• Hulk
• Twighlight
• Terminator T800
• Zombie
• Blue Cat Eye
• Leopard
• Blue Super Nova
• Black
• Red
• Smiley
• Manson

Register for an account with us if you are a new customer or log in if you are a returning one to order contact lenses online from our company. Next, browse through our selection and add the quantity of each colour or costume style that you decide on to perk up your eyes to the shopping cart. Select shipping options, enter a coupon code if you have one, pay and wait for your contact lenses to come to you. Yes, it is this easy to order contact lenses online from Freshtone and without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

Order Online: Contact Lenses Can Be a Perfect Gift for The Holiday Season!

The holiday season is approaching, which means it is time to make your gift list again for all the relatives, friends and coworkers who you wish to purchase presents for to show how much you care for them. One gift idea for the people on this list is online contact lenses that contain tints or costume enhancements. Chances are, at least a few people on your list will wear them regularly and appreciate them as a present. Of course, you will need to discover their favourite colour and the effect they desire to add to their eyes before you order. Once you understand these things, you can proceed to select and purchase the coloured contact lenses from Freshtone. Our company carries only safe, quality coloured contacts.

We Provide a Wide Assortment of Colour Choices

If cousin Mary loves to enhance eyes, we offer Aqua, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Blue and Light Blue lenses. Maybe Harry, your boyfriend, enjoys changing his light-blue eyes to gray on occasion. Our company offers Sugar Gray and Sterling Gray lenses, either of which would make an excellent present for Harry. Jimmy, the neighbour, may prefer brown coloured contacts. We have a medium shade of brown that we call Pure Honey to fit this need for a gift. You may wonder if we have an ideal colour for Aunt Louise, who loves purple, and our answer is yes, we offer a Violet choice that will please your aunt. For Rose in the next office cubicle, we will provide you with your choice of green contacts, including Pure Hazel, Green, Gemstone Green lenses.

A Collection of Halloween or Costume Lenses

Freshtone also provides various online contact lenses that are ideal for Halloween or other costume-style events. Lenses such as Blue Super Nova, Black, Smiley Halloween, Red and Leopard will make ideal gift choices, as your recipients can wear them to ring in the New Year at the costume party that the town throws each year.

Different Shipping Options

Select your lenses and then choose the best shipping option for your needs. We offer registered Australia, express post, International and free shipping depending on whether you can wait on your lenses or need them expedited. Order for the holidays early enough to ensure receipt of your lenses in plenty time for gift presentation at the appropriate gathering.

Allow Freshtone to be one of the answers to your gift needs for the upcoming holiday season. We provide full instructions with each pair of lenses along with a guarantee of quality. You can feel confident when you order from us that we will fulfil your order in a timely manner. Our company values your business, whether you buy one or multiple lenses.


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If you are late purchasing your lenses for Halloween we will be open until 10pm Friday. So get in before your too late!! Our address is at the bottom of the page. Calling to check our stock on some products is probably your best option to avoid disappointment.



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Halloween orders- shipping time/stock levels

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As a result of HUGE demand, and manufacturing delays at our Factory for some of these lenses, we have had to cut short accepting orders for 2 of the Halloween lenses.

Our stock will not meet demand for a  few of these orders which means there will be refunds for Late comers. All orders Within a certain time frame will be honoured and will be sent on Thursday afternoon via express post.

We do apologize for this setback, but we did not anticipate such a huge demand for some of our products.

please email with your inquiry and we will be happy to assist you.


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Contact Lenses Online Can Give You Better Offers and Discounts

Coloured contacts are gaining in popularity for both daily wear and costume enhancements for events such as Halloween. You even may be in search of the best offers and discounts on these lenses at present for your own purposes. If you are, all you need to do is shop for your contact lenses online to reach your goal in this endeavour. Today, there is no need for you to visit each vision store in your area to buy lenses when you can do so through the Internet.

Large Assortment of Coloured Contacts

From the comfort of your house or office, you can browse through a large assortment of coloured lenses online. You even will find a chart that provides you with examples of how the colours will change or highlight your natural eye colour. Whether you are in search of brown, blue or green lenses, you will discover choices for each one online.

Various Halloween Styles

Along with regular coloured contacts, you will discover offers and discounts on various Halloween styles. The selection contains Dragon, Hypnotic, Hulk, Twighlight Volturi and Blue Cat Eye styles just for some examples. Buy whichever one will enhance your costume in the right manner. The selection of contact lenses online for these and traditional, coloured ones is just one of the benefits of purchasing through a website.

Affordable Prices and Bulk Deals Are Available

With the highly affordable prices you discover, you may decide to purchase multiple pairs of lenses. Single pairs range from $20.00 to $55.00 a pair most of the time. Of course, you also will find certain coloured contacts at everyday low prices of $27.95. By the way, the lenses are monthly disposables. Bulk orders are also available with the Colours of the Wind Box Set of 50 pairs of contacts for the low price of $400.00 to $600.00 depending on the sale at the time.

Timely Shipping

Another benefit of shopping online for contact lenses is the fact that you will receive dependable shipping options. You can select from free shipping, registered Australia, express post and international options. Charges for each are stated clearly online for your convenience. We will ensure that all lenses will reach your door in a safe, timely manner.

Instructions Are in Each Box

Instructions for wear and care are in each box of coloured contacts. Read and follow the directions carefully to ensure there are no issues with your new lenses.

All of the above reasons of why you are smart to purchase your coloured, contact lenses online. Do not cheat yourself out of the chance to buy quality lenses at reasonable prices. Take advantage of the wide assortment of choices the online marketplace offers you on these contacts.

Halloween is Fast Approaching: Order your Contact Lenses Online!

Halloween is such an enjoyable holiday for both children and adults, as it is the ideal time to dress up as your favourite character or person. Since this holiday is quickly approaching, though, you do not want to miss your chance to order the right contact lenses online to complete your chosen costume. Act now and browse through the many styles of coloured contacts that are ideal for use for Halloween events.

The Various Styles of Halloween Contacts

A wide assortment of Halloween contact lenses allows you to enhance all sorts of costumes. Read about some examples of these lenses below:

• Dragon – Lenses of this design are reminiscent of the eye of an angry dragon. The yellow blazes around the black oblong pupil with burnt orange surrounding the yellow. You can wear these contacts with any dragon-themed costume to add a unique touch to it.

• Hypnotic Swirl – With this selection, you will appear to be in a trance. “Freaky” is the best word to use to describe these lenses. Alternating orange and yellow circles surround a large black pupil.

• Hulk – Get your mean green on with these Hulk lenses. Add the appropriate costume and transform into this favourite comic-book character. Two shades of green fade into each other to enhance the large black pupil.

• Twighlight Volturi – Change your eyes into those of a Volturi vampire with this striking black and red selection.

• Terminator T800 – The T800 provides the feeling of cold steel similar the iconic movie character of the popular Terminator movies. Dress the part complete with these lenses.

• Zombie – The name of these lenses says it all. Join in the zombie craze with these contacts that simulate blood vessels bursting around the black pupil. Allow the infection to spread today so you can become part of the walking dead. Consider this an ideal choice for Halloween when you order your contact lenses online.

• Blue Cat Eye – As the name infers, this selection of lenses makes your eyes turn into cat eyes. The vivid blue colour makes your eyes stand out in a striking manner, and the black circle around the lenses enhances the cat-eye theme.

Other halloween contact lenses are available on top of these examples, but you must act quickly and order your contact lenses online today, so you will receive them in time for the holiday events. Enjoy your festivities.


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This announcement is to address the percieved slow deliveries some of you may be experiencing. As with all products being sold via the web the greatest challenge for all companies is delivering the expected product on time all the time, this may be a challenge but we at freshtone are striving to make that happen as we are writing this article. We are excited to announce a raft of changes to our shipping prices and estimated shipping times starting from the 1/11/2015.

These changes include Rolling out our automated text message service to alert our customers on tracking items and new deals!!( this has been on trial for a few months)

Shipping options will now include our standard free shipping option and our express post option. We are drastically reducing our express post option to $15 from the current $30 we are charging at the present time. All orders will receive there tracking number within 24 hours of it being purchased ( no exceptions)

Our free shipping option delivery time will be reduced from around 14 days to 8 days (AUSTRALIA WIDE ONLY ). This is a huge commitment on our behalf as we have had to invest in huge structural changes to accomodate this change.

All international customers will have to purchase our express post option, as it will provide them sufficient tracking for the long road ahead, Free shipping will be available to them only if they purchase item insurance for $5 per pair. ( this will not always be the case as we are currently planning on rolling out our products in the US, ASIA and parts of EUROPE once we overcome certain legal barriers with the FDA.

We also will be trialling Drone delivery next year for customers within a certain radius of our current premises, this will obviously be apart of our same day delivery which we are working hard to achieve for local clients.

There will be more announcements to follow in the coming year as Freshtone goes from strength to strength in the ecommerce market. And as always it would not be possible without our customers who support us. So from everyone at Freshtone lenses we thank you for your constant support!


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Things You Should Not Do When You’re Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Your eyes allow you to view all the wonders of the world around you, and this is why you must protect them at all times, including when you wear coloured contact lenses. While these contact lenses are ideal for a number of situations, there are certain things you should never do while wearing them. Learn additional information on this here with us.

Never Sleep in Coloured Contacts

Never fall asleep with these lenses in your eyes. If you do so, you could scratch your cornea as the contact may slip out of place while you sleep. Always remove them and place them in the case before climbing into bed for the night. Eye irritation and issues are uncomfortable and dangerous for you.

Do Not Wear Dirty Lenses

As with other contacts, do not wear dirty coloured lenses. Be certain to clean your lenses regularly to ensure they are sanitary to wear in your eyes. You will prevent infection from occurring along with possible vision issues. In addition, only clean your lenses with an approved cleaning solution and not with water. Make certain that your hands are free from lotions and creams before you touch the lenses to place them in your eyes, as these solutions will leave a residue on the lenses that may harm your eyes and the contacts.

Do Not Wear Coloured Contacts While Swimming

You may not only dislodge your contacts during swimming and possibly lose them, but also wearing them while swimming may cause eye infections. Remove them before taking a refreshing dip in the water.

Never Share Coloured Contacts with Another Person

Sharing contacts will increase the risk of infection. You never know if the other person has bacteria or an infection in his or her eye. You definitely do not want an issue with your eyes, so only wear your own coloured contact lenses.

Do Not Reuse Contact Cleaning Solution

Do not reuse your lens cleaning solution. Rinse out your lens case each day and allow it to air day before you fill it with fresh solution.

Apply Eye Makeup and Then Insert Contacts

Apply your eye makeup before you insert your coloured lenses. By doing so, you will prevent makeup from accidentally getting on the contacts. Anything that taints your contacts while they are in your eyes may harm your eyes.

The coloured contact lenses are enjoyable to wear as long as you use caution with how you wear them. Keep our above list in mind to avoid issues with these lenses.

Who Says Men Can’t Be Vain? Coloured Contact Lenses Are For Everyone, Not Just For Women

Unbeknownst to some of you, men can be just as vain as women can be, and in some areas, they may even beat women easily with the extent of this personality trait. We know that all you men out there agree with us on this fact. You just exhibit your vanity differently than women do as in buffing up your body in the gym for one example. For this reason, Freshtone Lenses recommends coloured contact lenses for both sexes. After all, you males have the right to be satisfied with your eye colour just as much as females do in our estimation.

Select From a Wide Range of Colours

If you think that coloured contacts are too girly, you should explore all the various options, as you will soon change your mind. You can select from different shades of blue, green, brown, grey and even violet. Surely, with the number of options available you will find one to fit your personality.

Alter Your Appearance Quickly

Change your appearance quickly just by inserting coloured contact lenses in your eyes. Highlight your present shade with enhancement lenses or completely transform your eye colour with opaque lenses. Whether you select Sapphire Blue, Sugar Grey, Caribbean Blue, Pure Hazel, Gemstone Green or another colour, you will enjoy the change as will that special person in your life. Purchase several tints if you wish to keep people guessing daily as to your natural eye colour.

Certain Choices Are Ideal for Costume Purposes

When your goal is only to add a realistic flair to your costume for Halloween or another special event, costume coloured contacts will fulfil the need. Dragon contacts scream their name with the vertical black oval pupil with the yellow and orange iris. The Hypnotic Swirl ones will make you appear as if you are in a trance, as will the Zombie ones. Add a vampire feel to your eyes with the Twighlight Volturi or channel the Terminator with the Terminator T800 contacts. Other costume contacts also are available.

Attract Admirers

As you wear the coloured contacts either daily or for costume events, you will attract admirers. You will enjoy the compliments, whether they come from hot females or your best workout mates. If you already share a special relationship with a special person, remember that enhancing your appearance can be pleasing not only to you, but also to your beloved.

Wear your male vanity proudly and enjoy the various coloured contacts that Freshtone provides. Add excitement to your eyes for all types of reasons and events. Only you are in charge of how well your eyes highlight the rest of your appearance. Feel free to browse our website today to learn what we offer in the way of these contact lenses.

Can Light Coloured Lenses Work With Dark Eyes?

When people have dark eyes, they may think that light coloured contacts will not enhance their natural colour. Years ago, this assumption would have been right, but it is no longer the case, as advancements in the production of these lenses have made it possible to do this today. Consumers just need to understand the right type of contacts to purchase.

The Types of Coloured Contacts

Enhancement lenses are for highlighting the existing eye colour and not for changing it. The reason for this is the fact that these lenses are transparent. You can punch up the blue in your eyes or add a hint of green to your baby blues for just two examples. Lenses such as these are perfect for people with light eyes, but we do not recommend these lenses for people with dark eyes.

Opaque lenses are impenetrable by light, which provides these contacts with the ability to change all natural eye colours. Even when you have dark brown, blue or green eyes, you can sufficiently change the colours by wearing opaque coloured contacts.

Halloween Crazy Lenses are opaque coloured contacts for use with costumes. Lenses such as these are for theatrical effect instead of just changing the natural colour of your eyes.

What Kind of Change You Can Expect with Light Opaque Lenses

We provide you some examples in this section of how light opaque lenses can change natural eye colours.

• Sapphire Blue will transform brown into a deep, rich shade of blue. Your eyes will still be dark and mysterious just in a new way.

• Jade Green will change dark blue eyes into a sparkling shade of green. Confuse people by altering your eye colour back and forth throughout the week.

• Warm Honey will change dark green eyes into light brown ones instantly. Your eyes will have a sultry glow with this shade of contacts.

• Deep Blue contacts will turn hazel eyes into brilliant blue ones. Dazzle your friends with this selection.

• Chestnut Brown lenses on dark blue eyes produce medium brown eyes with copper highlights. Warm up your cool blues by donning these contacts.

• Hazel Green will change black eyes into warm rich brown ones. Your eyes will shine with delight while you wear this shade of opaque lenses.

As you can see, light coloured contacts can indeed work with dark eyes. Just be sure the lenses are opaque ones and not enhancement ones to receive the desired effect. You can view the above examples on your own on the Freshtone website, as we offer a Find Your Look feature on our homepage where you can select your eye colour and the contact colour you would like to try on your eyes.

Things You Need to Know About Non-Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are an ideal way to enhance or change your existing eye colour. You can opt for prescription ones if you require vision correction, but non-prescription ones also are available on the market today. At times, people wear the latter ones daily or only for special occasions such as costume parties to create a different physical appearance. Users of these lenses should take the same care as they would with prescription ones to protect their eyes.

Consult With an Eye Doctor
Always consult with an eye doctor before you purchase and wear non-prescription contact lenses. First, you should ask the doctor if there is a reason that your eyes may have trouble wearing the lenses. In addition, you need to learn specific wear instructions, how to place the contacts in your eyes correctly, and clean and care for them in the proper manner. The doctor will instruct you not to sleep in these lenses.

Are You Enhancing or Changing Your Eye Colour?

When you wish only to enhance your natural eye colour, just select a shade that will accomplish the task. The same does not always hold true when you wish to change your eye colour completely. If your eyes are dark blue, brown, green or hazel, you will need to select an opaque version of these lenses. Selecting costume contacts is a bit different. Read the next section to learn what we mean by this.

Costume Contact Lenses

You purchase costume contacts purely for a specific look on occasions such as Halloween. When you are dressing up to be a zombie, purchase contact lenses to complete your costume. Maybe you want cat eyes for the occasion, and these are also available today. For a completely dramatic effect, consider black ones! The above are just some examples of costume contact lenses.

Only Purchase From a Quality Company

Do not purchase low-quality coloured contact lenses, as they may harm your eyes. Only buy and wear ones that come from reputable companies to ensure that they contain the best materials. Cheap coloured contacts may lead to eye irritations and problems.

Read and Follow Enclosed Instructions

When you receive your coloured contacts, read and follow all the enclosed instructions. The instructions contain pertinent information that you should understand before inserting the contacts into your eyes. Wearing these contacts in the proper manner will prevent harm from happening to your eyes.

On top of all the above facts, remember that non-prescription coloured contacts are not toys. You need to place serious thought and research behind buying them to ensure you receive quality ones. Select carefully to protect your eyes. When you take these steps, you can enjoy the lenses in a safe manner.


How To Choose Coloured Contact Lenses Based On Your Hair and Skin Colour

Coloured contact lenses or contacts will enhance your appearance by altering your natural eye colour in some manner. You can find these lenses in colours ranging from light blue to pure honey. While all the various shades may appeal to you when you first view them, not all will be ideal for your skin tone or hair colour. As a result, it is advisable that you learn how to analyse which colours will complement your appearance best before you purchase any of these lenses.

Skin Tone Can Affect Your Choice in Coloured Contact Lenses

Human skin ranges in colours from light to dark. Within these various colours, you will also find both warm and cool tones. You should determine if your skin tone belongs in the cool or the warm category when you shop for the right colour of contact lenses for your features. Cool skin tones contain pink to blue undertones while warm skin tones have yellow to olive undertones.

Blue and violet shades of contacts are best with cool tones of skin. Honey, brown and green tints of contact lenses are ideal for warm tones of skin. In addition, you will need to consider your hair colour on top of your skin tone to come up with the perfect colour match for your overall appearance.

The Shade of Contacts to Select for Your Hair Colour

Blond-haired people should consider the blue shades of contacts since the majority of these shades enhance their appearance without clashing with their other features. Of course, greens and browns also are attractive choices. In other words, practically all colours of contacts will work with blond hair.

Brown-haired individuals can enjoy blue, honey, violet and green tones. If you have light-brown hair, you can select dark tones of lenses such as violet to highlight your eyes. The lighter shades of contact lenses work best with dark-brown hair.

Black-haired people’s eyes are typically better highlighted with bluish or greyish tints of contacts than with other colours of the lenses. Lighter colours in these tints will help the eyes to glow while the darker colours have a more subdued effect.

Red-haired individuals should be sure whatever shade of contacts they select that it does not clash with their hair colour. Green is hands down the best contact colour for a redhead, but shades of blue also are complimentary with those with red hair.

When you combine the ideal recommendations for your skin tone and hair colour, your choice of contact colour is likely to fall somewhere in the middle. We just provide you with a place to start as you try to decide which coloured contact lenses are ideal for you. You may have other preferences to those we suggest and that is fine as the final decision is up to you.

Blue Contact Lenses: How Should You Determine the Right Blues for You?

Whether you wish to change your existing eye colour daily, or for a Halloween or other costume event, blue-tinted contact lenses may be the right answer for your needs. Today, there are a number of different choices in blue contact lenses that provide an effective way to intensify or change your natural blue eyes, or change your brown or green eyes to a vivid blue shade. How should you select the shade that is right for you?

First, if your eyes are pale blue, any of shades of blue contact lenses will effectively enhance your eyes including the Light Blue ones. A pale tint such as this is reminiscent of a blue ocean, and it complements all skin tones and hair colours. Of course, if you decide on a darker blue, your eyes will stand out even more vividly. It all depends on the statement you wish to broadcast to others.

When your eyes are a dark shade of green, brown, or even blue, you will need opaque contact lenses such as the Sapphire Blue ones to alter your natural colour. A deep blue such as this adds a certain allure to your overall appearance. Caribbean Blue is another shade that is effective in changing or enhancing dark eyes. Travel to the tropics with this rich blue tint. The tint is a bit darker than that of the Sapphire Blue ones.

You may also consider whether you have dark or light skin tone and hair when selecting the right shade of blue for you. Light or dark blues will enhance your appearance attractively when you have blond hair and a pale skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone and dark brown or black hair, you may prefer the lighter shades of blue, as your eyes will be more noticeable.

For costume purposes, you should consider the Blue Super Nova selection in Halloween contact lenses. When you wear these lenses, you not only change the tint of your eyes, but in an eerie, zombie-type manner. Startle your friends as never before this fall just by wearing these lenses regardless of the rest of your costume!

Are you planning to wear a cat costume for Halloween or another event, and want startling blue eyes? Top it off with the blue, cat-eye, contact lenses to accomplish the desired effect. Sea Siren Lenses is the name of this selection, and the black pupil is oval similar to that of a cat’s pupil. There is a black border that outlines the lenses. The iris is a vivid blue.

Whatever the reason you wish to try blue contact lenses, Freshtone has the right ones for your needs. Which blue is right for you? To help you decide, we have a chart on the website that will allow you to view an example prior to the purchase of your lenses. We provide a vibrant range of not only blue contact lenses, but also other shades. All of our contact lenses are hygienic, safe and come with instructions on how to insert, remove and store them in the correct manner.

The Top 3 Benefits of Buying Contact Lenses Online

Before buying contact lenses, you should have an up to date eye exam with your optometrist or qualified eye doctor. Once you have a prescription you can then start looking for the perfect lenses to fit your style and needs. Instead of shopping at the local retail outlet, you should consider shopping for your contact lenses on the Internet. In fact, there are multiple benefits to buying contact lenses online.

Affordable Prices to fit your Budget

When compared to the Internet, most of your local retail shops are a lot higher in price. In fact, sometimes the cost at a neighborhood store is at least fifty percent more than what you would find online. This is because retail stores have higher overhead costs. In truth, there are numerous expenses to operate a simple shop. Your local store needs to pay for the rental of a building, their employee wages, local taxes and utilities. There are also unobvious expenses such as cleaning the facilities, window washing, shoveling snow from the sidewalk, maintaining the business sign and so forth.

With an online company, there is minimal overhead. Actually, the cost to run an online business is far lower than a retail shop. Since an online business has marginal overhead, they are able to offer cheaper prices for their customers.

A Large Variety of Choices

As you know, retail shops are generally restricted in space; and because they have a small area to work with, your choices are very limited. By and large, the miniscule selection forces most people to buy a product they are not one hundred percent happy with.

Instead of compromising on quality or style, online shopping offers a wide array of choices. Because an online business is unlimited in space, you should have no problem finding what you desire. At Freshtone, you will find a large assortment of contact lenses that are both fashionable and affordable. For instance, Freshtone has over 24 colors and styles to choose from. There is also a Find Your Look rollover image where you can test different colors to suit your needs. In addition, Freshtone offers worldwide shipping.

Experts in the Field

The majority of online companies that sell contact lenses are experts in the field. You can usually find how to tips if you have any questions or concerns. These tips will give various detailed instructions like how to put your contact lenses on, step by step procedures on how to remove your contact lenses and other special instructions. Plus, the more professional sites will even have a live online chat for customer support.

Freshtone – Affordable, Stylish and High Quality Contact Lenses

Freshtone is proud to offer high quality and fashionable colored contact lenses that fit your budget. For the best eye health and hygiene, your contact lenses come in a fully sealed and leak proof package. For your assurance, the contact lenses come with full detailed instructions on how to properly insert, remove and store your contact lenses. In addition, your contact lenses come with plastic carry covers so you can safety transport your colored contact lenses anywhere.

Never Fear, Express Yourself! Halloween Contact Lenses are not just for Halloween

Halloween contacts have always been one of the best and cheapest ways to liven up your costume. As a matter of fact, Halloween contact lenses transform your ordinary character into something mind blowing and first rate. For instance, lethargic zombie or vampire attire can be transmuted into an awesome guise with daunting fiendish eyes that scare you and everyone who makes eye contact.

All the same, contact lenses are not just for Halloween! With an innovative degree of realism, unique contact lenses can be utilized beyond your imagination. Here are a few mind altering examples:

Novelty Contact Lenses

You will instantly stand out from the crowd with a pair of novelty contact lenses. In actuality, novelty contact lenses are what pull your costume together and complete the look you’re after! Even if your costume is phenomenal, it does not “play the part” without novelty contact lenses. So don’t just settle for a basic costume. Enliven your look and the entire panache with fanciful contact lenses!

Novelty contact lenses are ideal for special festivities! For instance, let’s say that you have the most beautiful costume for the yearly Fairy Festival. You can add a distinct touch to your repertoire with gemstone green or blue super nova colored lenses. Just imagine the stunning look that can be created. Also, for a Renaissance festival let’s say you are a fire dancer and every year people applaud your performance. Why not add an extra flare to your costume with fire like eyes? Also keep in mind that novelty contact lenses come in numerous colors. In fact, for fire eyes there are even different types of red like red dragon, Terminator and even twilight.

Party Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are ideal for special occasions and crazy parties. You can find an array of selections to fit your mood or style. Maybe you are invited to a Costume Ball where everyone dresses freaky and fun. And with a large selection of colors you will not have a bit of trouble adding an “awe’ factor to your attire. For example, let’s say your muscular build is perfect for the character Hulk. Now you can paint your body green and wear some green tights, but your look will not be complete without green eyes. The same goes for many costumes that are high rate! And if you like thrilling or crazy, you can find wild contact lenses such as blue cat eyes, leopard lenses and more.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses aren’t just for scary costumes on Halloween. These lenses help you make a bold statement for whatever occasion you are attending. If you are a movie fan or love Broadway and vaudeville, theatrical contact lenses support the perfect costume. Some people even dress in costume while attending certain movies. A great example is the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So never fear, have a great time and express yourself fully at the next fun filled event.

There really are no limits as to the look you want to achieve. For a fabulous selection of novel contact lenses check out Freshtone, you will be amazed at what you can find.

How Poor Contact Lens Care Can Lead to Eye Infection: Things You Need to Know

Contact lens wearers run the risk of eye infection when their lenses are inserted without being properly cleaned and disinfected before use. However, proper cleansing depends on:

• the type of lens,
• allergies the wearer might have, and
• if the eye is prone to protein deposits from the lenses.

Types and Use of Lenses / Cleaning and Disinfecting

There are two types of contract lenses: hard lenses and soft lenses. Hard RGP (rigid gas-permeable) lenses are constructed from plastic, fluoropolymer, or silicone that allows oxygen to permeate through the lens to the cornea. They retain their shape and are most often recommended for patients with astigmatism and those that require bifocals / multifocal corrections. They are also preferable for those who have allergies or whose eyes tend to form protein deposits from over-wearing the lenses.

However, most contact lens wearers prefer soft flexible lenses. Disposable type lenses are expensive but convenient. They are recommended for those with allergies or whose lenses tend to form protein deposits. They are removed and replaced nightly, weekly, or monthly.

Daily-wear lenses may be purchased are the least expensive. They must be removed and cleaned nightly. Extended-wear lenses may be left in overnight but must be removed for thorough cleaning and disinfection weekly. Due to the greater risk of corneal infection, they are not as frequently recommended.

Soft lenses correct near- and farsightedness, and astigmatism. Cleaning and disinfecting soft lenses is specific to the lens material. They come in a variety of colors that change the eye-color and / or appearance of the eye. Color lenses are available by prescription and should be fitted by an eye care professional since over-the-counter color and circle lenses can cause eye injury, infection, or vision loss.

Lens / Eye Infection

Eye infections can be caused by improperly fitted lenses that scratch the eye or causes blood vessels to grow into the cornea. The most common lens-related eye infection is keratitis, an infection of the cornea caused by herpes, fungus, bacteria, or microbes. Keratitis can lead to corneal scarring and the eventual need for a cornea transplant. Vision loss or blindness can occur if the infection is left untreated.

Symptoms of eye infections caused by poor contact lens care include:

• blurry vision,
• eye redness,
• tearing or eye discharge, or
• light sensitivity.

Proper Lens Care

Eye care professionals provide proper lens care guidelines. Eye infection risk varies with the type of contact lens (i.e.: RGP, extended-wear, disposable, etc.). Regardless of the type of lens, proper lens care is essential to good eye health. The risk of eye infection from unclean lenses can be reduced by:

• washing hands with soap and water, rinsing and drying them before removing and replacing lenses,
• observing the “rub and rinse” step in the cleaning process,
• minimizing water contact during contact lens wearing,
• do not rinse or store lenses in tap or sterile water,
• do not use saline solution / rewetting drops to disinfect lenses,
• do not re-use or “top off” the lens solution, and
• airing-out and periodically replacing the lens case.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Contact Lenses versus Eyeglasses

You were told that your eyesight was not what it used to be, and the time has come to you to face the reality of needing corrective lenses. Now, before you start picturing yourself in terrible square granny glasses that look like what your grandma wore back in the old days, another option for you to consider is contact lenses. However, even if you have the choice of either using eyeglasses or contact lenses; there are benefits as to why you’re better off using contact lenses:

Contact Lenses Are Fashionable

You are worried that eyeglasses may not be what’s right for your eyes, but the truth is that contact lenses are actually in. Instead of wearing eyeglasses and choosing frames, contact lenses give you the option to choose what colour you’d like. There are even uniquely designed contact lenses suited for any occasion. Apart from the fact that it is measured to fit your eyes perfectly, it can also accentuate your beautiful natural looks. Depending on the colour you choose, it becomes an asset for you, more than it is a liability for your eyesight. Whether you need to use it as a corrective contact lens for poor eyesight, or just simply for fashion, you’ll never be lost.

Activity Is Not a Problem 

When you wear eyeglasses, you have to worry about getting a sports version of them that will be suitable for you to do things like play sports. Even with special sports eyeglasses, there is a chance you can fall down and lose them or you can get hit in the face with the ball and break them. However, with contact lenses, you do not have to worry about losing or breaking your eyeglasses; plus, you can participate in any type of activity that demands more movement.

Better Vision with Contact Lenses

The way that glasses fit over your eyes means that there is a small gap between the frame and your eyes, which leaves enough space for it to have an effect on your vision. However, contact lenses fit right onto your cornea, and this means that the correct lenses are in perfect place to give you exceptional vision or simply just to achieve a certain look that you’d like to have.

You know what is best for your eyes, and if you are told your vision is deteriorating, you don’t have to worry about wearing eyeglasses. If you wish to achieve a different eye colour, or just be in with the crowd and join a fabulous party, then you can wear contact lenses. There are no limits as to what can be achieved. Here at Freshtone, all you have to do is choose from our line of selection and we will take care of you!

Freshtone Tips in choosing coloured contact lenses: What’s perfect for you?

In this day and age, people are born with a particular eye colour. Whether they got it from mom or dad, genetics play a part in the colour of your eyes. But what if you are not happy with the colour of your eyes? What if you want to have lighter eyes and you were born with brown? You cannot simply dye your eyes like you can your hair, but there is something you can do about it. Ever heard of coloured contact lenses? Well they do exist, and with these special lenses, your boring eye colour will be gone. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect coloured contact lenses.

The Colour of your Skin

The first step to choosing the right coloured contact lenses it to take a look at your skin tone. What is your eyes’ natural colour? If you are someone with brown eyes, then chances are, you have a medium to olive complexion. Have you thought about what lighter eyes would do to your skin colour? If you are brown eyed, and you want blue or green eyes, it’s going to make a difference in how you look because of your skin tone. You may need to face the reality that light eyes may make you look pale. Do you want to look pale or to lighten your skin? Light contacts may not seem like a big difference, but they really can affect the appearance of your whole face.

The Look you are going for

Some people already have blue eyes, but they want green contact lenses because it gives them a unique look. Do you want something subtle that compliments your natural features, or do you want something wild and exciting that is going to give you that special look and unique aura? This may seem like a simple question; but the fact is that you need to decide on the look you are going for, and coloured contact lenses can help make that happen.

Tips for choosing the right contact lenses can include what kind of look you want, and for things like your hair, eyes, and natural skin tone. You may have dark eyes, and light eyes are going to make your skin appear lighter; unless you want to go for a pale look, then you may need to consider going for a colour closer to your natural eye colour.

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What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Though we live in a very cosmetic and visual world, and that is a great asset to contact lenses, there are many more benefits to wearing contact lenses than purely cosmetic. The need for vision care is increasing due to things like computer usage, illnesses of the eye and natural loss of vision.

Contact lenses are becoming the mainstream of vision care, and patients prefer then to traditional eye glasses in most cases. Not only are they comfortable and less distraction physically, but they can be altered in colour and design which makes them a more playful and flexible option.

Even with progressive treatments like laser eye corrective surgery and progressive lenses being available there are still about 100 million people who chose contact lenses globally, and those numbers are increasing annually. The great thing is that they address a number of vision issues. While some solely use them for cosmetic purposes, others use them to combat things like short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism and age related reading issues just to name a few.

When you compare contact lenses to spectacles there are several factors making contact lenses the preferred choice. There is more ease of wear, less chance of breakage and the ability to wear them while being active. Contact lens wearers have a wider field of vision, no fogging and you can wear your sunglasses over them without bulky additions being needed. One of the main things that are spectacular about contact lenses is that your natural peripheral vision is not hindered.

Contact lenses have come a long way too. The materials used today are advanced. These are not your ancient PMMA materials or non-oxygen permeable rigid alternatives. Today’s lenses are affordable, comfortable and easy to both personalise and maintain. They allow the eye to breath and can be worn longer than those of days gone by. They are easy to conform to, and your risk of infection is far less than it once was.

Even children under 12 can benefit from contact lenses nowadays! Not only does it greatly improve self-esteem, but wearing contact lenses allows them to be active. They are far more likely to wear their lenses than take them off as they do spectacles. They are able to see much better, and they feel better about their vision care options. Specially made contact lenses for children have even been linked to slowing down some adolescent eye ailments and correcting others in its entirety.

So, anyone no matter their age can benefit from wearing contact lenses. They are easy to maintain options that are healthier than ever before, and they offer better vision overall.

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(News articles from around the web)BiomedicalBionics Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens A new generation of contact lenses built with very small circuits and LEDs promises bionic eyesight

The human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It can see millions of colors, adjust easily to shifting light conditions, and transmit information to the brain at a rate exceeding that of a high-speed Internet connection.

But why stop there?

In the Terminator movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character sees the world with data superimposed on his visual field—virtual captions that enhance the cyborg’s scan of a scene. In stories by the science fiction author Vernor Vinge, characters rely on electronic contact lenses, rather than smartphones or brain implants, for seamless access to information that appears right before their eyes.

These visions (if I may) might seem far-fetched, but a contact lens with simple built-in electronics is already within reach; in fact, my students and I are already producing such devices in small numbers in my laboratory at the University of Washington, in Seattle [see sidebar, “A Twinkle in the Eye”]. These lenses don’t give us the vision of an eagle or the benefit of running subtitles on our surroundings yet. But we have built a lens with one LED, which we’ve powered wirelessly with RF. What we’ve done so far barely hints at what will soon be possible with this technology.

Conventional contact lenses are polymers formed in specific shapes to correct faulty vision. To turn such a lens into a functional system, we integrate control circuits, communication circuits, and miniature antennas into the lens using custom-built optoelectronic components. Those components will eventually include hundreds of LEDs, which will form images in front of the eye, such as words, charts, and photographs. Much of the hardware is semitransparent so that wearers can navigate their surroundings without crashing into them or becoming disoriented. In all likelihood, a separate, portable device will relay displayable information to the lens’s control circuit, which will operate the optoelectronics in the lens.

These lenses don’t need to be very complex to be useful. Even a lens with a single pixel could aid people with impaired hearing or be incorporated as an indicator into computer games. With more colors and resolution, the repertoire could be expanded to include displaying text, translating speech into captions in real time, or offering visual cues from a navigation system. With basic image processing and Internet access, a contact-lens display could unlock whole new worlds of visual information, unfettered by the constraints of a physical display.

Besides visual enhancement, noninvasive monitoring of the wearer’s biomarkers and health indicators could be a huge future market. We’ve built several simple sensors that can detect the concentration of a molecule, such as glucose. Sensors built onto lenses would let diabetic wearers keep tabs on blood-sugar levels without needing to prick a finger. The glucose detectors we’re evaluating now are a mere glimmer of what will be possible in the next 5 to 10 years. Contact lenses are worn daily by more than a hundred million people, and they are one of the only disposable, mass-market products that remain in contact, through fluids, with the interior of the body for an extended period of time. When you get a blood test, your doctor is probably measuring many of the same biomarkers that are found in the live cells on the surface of your eye—and in concentrations that correlate closely with the levels in your bloodstream. An appropriately configured contact lens could monitor cholesterol, sodium, and potassium levels, to name a few potential targets. Coupled with a wireless data transmitter, the lens could relay information to medics or nurses instantly, without needles or laboratory chemistry, and with a much lower chance of mix-ups.

Three fundamental challenges stand in the way of building a multipurpose contact lens. First, the processes for making many of the lens’s parts and subsystems are incompatible with one another and with the fragile polymer of the lens. To get around this problem, my colleagues and I make all our devices from scratch. To fabricate the components for silicon circuits and LEDs, we use high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, which means we can’t manufacture them directly onto a lens. That leads to the second challenge, which is that all the key components of the lens need to be miniaturized and integrated onto about 1.5 square centimeters of a flexible, transparent polymer. We haven’t fully solved that problem yet, but we have so far developed our own specialized assembly process, which enables us to integrate several different kinds of components onto a lens. Last but not least, the whole contraption needs to be completely safe for the eye. Take an LED, for example. Most red LEDs are made of aluminum gallium arsenide, which is toxic. So before an LED can go into the eye, it must be enveloped in a biocompatible substance.

So far, besides our glucose monitor, we’ve been able to batch-fabricate a few other nanoscale biosensors that respond to a target molecule with an electrical signal; we’ve also made several microscale components, including single-crystal silicon transistors, radio chips, antennas, diffusion resistors, LEDs, and silicon photodetectors. We’ve constructed all the micrometer-scale metal interconnects necessary to form a circuit on a contact lens. We’ve also shown that these microcomponents can be integrated through a self-assembly process onto other unconventional substrates, such as thin, flexible transparent plastics or glass. We’ve fabricated prototype lenses with an LED, a small radio chip, and an antenna, and we’ve transmitted energy to the lens wirelessly, lighting the LED. To demonstrate that the lenses can be safe, we encapsulated them in a biocompatible polymer and successfully tested them in trials with live rabbits.

Photos: University of Washington
Photos: University of Washington
Second Sight: In recent trials, rabbits wore lenses containing metal circuit structures for 20 minutes at a time with no adverse effects.
Seeing the light—LED light—is a reasonable accomplishment. But seeing something useful through the lens is clearly the ultimate goal. Fortunately, the human eye is an extremely sensitive photo detector. At high noon on a cloudless day, lots of light streams through your pupil, and the world appears bright indeed. But the eye doesn’t need all that optical power—it can perceive images with only a few micro watts of optical power passing through its lens. An LCD computer screen is similarly wasteful. It sends out a lot of photons, but only a small fraction of them enter your eye and hit the retina to form an image. But when the display is directly over your cornea, every photon generated by the display helps form the image.

The beauty of this approach is obvious: With the light coming from a lens on your pupil rather than from an external source, you need much less power to form an image. But how to get light from a lens? We’ve considered two basic approaches. One option is to build into the lens a display based on an array of LED pixels; we call this an active display. An alternative is to use passive pixels that merely modulate incoming light rather than producing their own. Basically, they construct an image by changing their color and transparency in reaction to a light source. (They’re similar to LCDs, in which tiny liquid-crystal ”shutters” block or transmit white light through a red, green, or blue filter.) For passive pixels on a functional contact lens, the light source would be the environment. The colors wouldn’t be as precise as with a white-backlit LCD, but the images could be quite sharp and finely resolved.

We’ve mainly pursued the active approach and have produced lenses that can accommodate an 8-by-8 array of LEDs. For now, active pixels are easier to attach to lenses. But using passive pixels would significantly reduce the contact’s overall power needs—if we can figure out how to make the pixels smaller, higher in contrast, and capable of reacting quickly to external signals.

By now you’re probably wondering how a person wearing one of our contact lenses would be able to focus on an image generated on the surface of the eye. After all, a normal and healthy eye cannot focus on objects that are fewer than 10 centimeters from the corneal surface. The LEDs by themselves merely produce a fuzzy splotch of color in the wearer’s field of vision. Somehow the image must be pushed away from the cornea. One way to do that is to employ an array of even smaller lenses placed on the surface of the contact lens. Arrays of such microlenses have been used in the past to focus lasers and, in photolithography, to draw patterns of light on a photoresist. On a contact lens, each pixel or small group of pixels would be assigned to a microlens placed between the eye and the pixels. Spacing a pixel and a microlens 360 micrometers apart would be enough to push back the virtual image and let the eye focus on it easily. To the wearer, the image would seem to hang in space about half a meter away, depending on the microlens.

Another way to make sharp images is to use a scanning microlaser or an array of microlasers. Laser beams diverge much less than LED light does, so they would produce a sharper image. A kind of actuated mirror would scan the beams from a red, a green, and a blue laser to generate an image. The resolution of the image would be limited primarily by the narrowness of the beams, and the lasers would obviously have to be extremely small, which would be a substantial challenge. However, using lasers would ensure that the image is in focus at all times and eliminate the need for microlenses.

Whether we use LEDs or lasers for our display, the area available for optoelectronics on the surface of the contact is really small: roughly 1.2 millimeters in diameter. The display must also be semitransparent, so that wearers can still see their surroundings. Those are tough but not impossible requirements. The LED chips we’ve built so far are 300 µm in diameter, and the light-emitting zone on each chip is a 60-µm-wide ring with a radius of 112 µm. We’re trying to reduce that by an order of magnitude. Our goal is an array of 3600 10-µm-wide pixels spaced 10 µm apart.

One other difficulty in putting a display on the eye is keeping it from moving around relative to the pupil. Normal contact lenses that correct for astigmatism are weighted on the bottom to maintain a specific orientation, give or take a few degrees. I figure the same technique could keep a display from tilting (unless the wearer blinked too often!).

Like all mobile electronics, these lenses must be powered by suitable sources, but among the options, none are particularly attractive. The space constraints are acute. For example, batteries are hard to miniaturize to this extent, require recharging, and raise the specter of, say, lithium ions floating around in the eye after an accident. A better strategy is gathering inertial power from the environment, by converting ambient vibrations into energy or by receiving solar or RF power. Most inertial power scavenging designs have unacceptably low power output, so we have focused on powering our lenses with solar or RF energy.

Let’s assume that 1 square centimeter of lens area is dedicated to power generation, and let’s say we devote the space to solar cells. Almost 300 microwatts of incoming power would be available indoors, with potentially much more available outdoors. At a conversion efficiency of 10 percent, these figures would translate to 30 µW of available electrical power, if all the subsystems of the contact lens were run indoors.

Collecting RF energy from a source in the user’s pocket would improve the numbers slightly. In this setup, the lens area would hold antennas rather than photovoltaic cells. The antennas’ output would be limited by the field strengths permitted at various frequencies. In the microwave bands between 1.5 gigahertz and 100 GHz, the exposure level considered safe for humans is 1 milliwatt per square centimeter. For our prototypes, we have fabricated the first generation of antennas that can transmit in the 900-megahertz to 6-GHz range, and we’re working on higher-efficiency versions. So from that one square centimeter of lens real estate, we should be able to extract at least 100 µW, depending on the efficiency of the antenna and the conversion circuit.

Having made all these subsystems work, the final challenge is making them all fit on the same tiny polymer disc. Recall the pieces that we need to cram onto a lens: metal microstructures to form antennas; compound semiconductors to make optoelectronic devices; advanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor silicon circuits for low-power control and RF telecommunication; microelectromechanical system (MEMS) transducers and resonators to tune the frequencies of the RF communication; and surface sensors that are reactive with the biochemical environment.

The semiconductor fabrication processes we’d typically use to make most of these components won’t work because they are both thermally and chemically incompatible with the flexible polymer substrate of the contact lens. To get around this problem, we independently fabricate most of the microcomponents on silicon-on-insulator wafers, and we fabricate the LEDs and some of the biosensors on other substrates. Each part has metal interconnects and is etched into a unique shape. The end yield is a collection of powder-fine parts that we then embed in the lens.

We start by preparing the substrate that will hold the microcomponents, a 100-µm-thick slice of polyethylene terephthalate. The substrate has photolithographically defined metal interconnect lines and binding sites. These binding sites are tiny wells, about 10 µm deep, where electrical connections will be made between components and the template. At the bottom of each well is a minuscule pool of a low-melting-point alloy that will later join together two interconnects in what amounts to micrometer-scale soldering.

We then submerge the plastic lens substrate in a liquid medium and flow the collection of microcomponents over it. The binding sites are cut to match the geometries of the individual parts so that a triangular component finds a triangular well, a circular part falls into a circular well, and so on. When a piece falls into its complementary well, a small metal pad on the surface of the component comes in contact with the alloy at the bottom of the well, causing a capillary force that lodges the component in place. After all the parts have found their slots, we drop the temperature to solidify the alloy. This step locks in the mechanical and electrical contact between the components, the interconnects, and the substrate.

The next step is to ensure that all the potentially harmful components that we’ve just assembled are completely safe and comfortable to wear. The lenses we’ve been developing resemble existing gas-permeable contacts with small patches of a slightly less breathable material that wraps around the electronic components. We’ve been encapsulating the functional parts with poly(methyl methacrylate), the polymer used to make earlier generations of contact lenses. Then there’s the question of the interaction of heat and light with the eye. Not only must the system’s power consumption be very low for the sake of the energy budget, it must also avoid generating enough heat to damage the eye, so the temperature must remain below 45 °C. We have yet to investigate this concern fully, but our preliminary analyses suggest that heat shouldn’t be a big problem.

Photos: University of Washington
In Focus: One lens prototype [left] has several interconnects, single-crystal silicon components, and compound-semiconductor components embedded within. Another sample lens [right] contains a radio chip, an antenna, and a red LED.
All the basic technologies needed to build functional contact lenses are in place. We’ve tested our first few prototypes on animals, proving that the platform can be safe. What we need to do now is show all the subsystems working together, shrink some of the components even more, and extend the RF power harvesting to higher efficiencies and to distances greater than the few centimeters we have now. We also need to build a companion device that would do all the necessary computing or image processing to truly prove that the system can form images on demand. We’re starting with a simple product, a contact lens with a single light source, and we aim to work up to more sophisticated lenses that can superimpose computer-generated high-resolution color graphics on a user’s real field of vision.

The true promise of this research is not just the actual system we end up making, whether it’s a display, a biosensor, or both. We already see a future in which the humble contact lens becomes a real platform, like the iPhone is today, with lots of developers contributing their ideas and inventions. As far as we’re concerned, the possibilities extend as far as the eye can see, and beyond.

The author would like to thank his past and present students and collaborators, especially Brian Otis, Desney Tan, and Tueng Shen, for their contributions to this research.


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