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FRESHTONE HAS BEEN PURCHASED BY REKT COSMETICS PTY LTD – Hi everyone, Just letting everyone know that we have now been successfully sold to REKT COSMETICS. These guys mean business and own a wide variety of hair saloons and beauty products. They have the intention of adding more variety and fixing up our distribution points […]

Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021!

With 2020 now a not so distant memory or nightmare, we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. Last year was extremely challenging for us and our customers. Oddly enough it was restocking product that was most challenging to us as delays permeated all of last year. This year will bring it own set […]

Delivery times update From June-July

Hi guys We do apologise for the lateness of orders however we have been busy securing a steady supply of lenses so that this current climate will no longer effect the delivery and processing times of our orders. By this time next week we will have an updated phone number and our customer service teams […]

Status update for April 2020 orders

Hi guys We know a lot of our customers have been writing in to get a status update of their placed order, Rest assured we are doing everything we can legally to get these orders to you asap. We are complying with non essential service directions which means our customer support team and packing teams […]

Covid-19 & The Future Of Freshtone

Hi guys As all of you are aware, Covid-19 and the Australian government shutdown of near all non essential services have paralysed most retailers in our industry with mass job losses all around. Whilst we have been heavily affected also in regards to social distancing/ logistic issues and a 92% percent drop in sales we […]

Shipping/processing delays

Hi Everyone We felt like we needed to update everyone on the current status of stock levels and orders. Currently we are experiencing major delays with all of our international shipping networks. This means our restocking colours have been delayed and as a result our processing times for orders have increased to beyond what is […]

Customer support

We have noticed one of our email addresses had not been accepting inquires for sometime. We had a look and it seemed there was an issue with our send grid mail system. This has now been rectified and all issues have now been sorted out. If you have any inquiries that could not get through […]

Biodegradable Bags and Implementation

At Freshtone we know that our environment is fragile. We are acutely aware that the majority of packaging material we use is not great for the environment around us. We originally found a company called hero packaging that offer biodegradable products and have been thinking of ways to implement these satchels on the majority of […]

Halloween specials start today!!

Freshtone is having a sale from today until mid oct on halloween themed lenses! Get yours while you can before the halloween rush! We have hundreds of special themed lenses in stock waiting to head out the door so be quick as they will disappear fast. The Freshtone Team


Hi Guys We have some great news today for our regular and new customers! We have successfully integrated our upgraded loyalty point program back into our system. In order to qualify for these points you will just need to sign up or sign in to your account. We are happy to have this great service […]

Email (not sending) issue *fixed

Hi guys, we have noticed that our automated emails had been blocked by Microsoft which has caused quite a few customers to not receive confirmation or shipping emails. This issue is currently being addressed however we ask all customers to provide a gmail or yahoo email for the time being. The email accounts effected are […]

New products coming soon!

Freshtone is launching a new product range that is coming very soon!

Freshtone will move to 100% compostable satchels

Freshtone is proud to announce that we are moving away from traditional paper and plastic packing satchels and will be partnering with Australian company Hero Packaging that has made it their mission to eliminate plastics from Australia that destroy our important ecosystem and hurt our sea life and wildlife around the world. Companies need to […]

Asian New Year Delays

Hi Everyone We are aware of a few delayed orders between 1st feb-12 feb Unfortunately due to the Asian new year we have experienced a few delays with our weekly shipments of colours that were supposed to be due before the 1st Feb. These orders will be fulfilled within the next 7 days as the […]

What lenses suit me and my eyes?

This question is brought up many times a day so we have decided to try and help you in your decisions. We know how frustrating it can be to put on a pair of contact lenses only to realise that it does not suit or it does not look the same as the photos or […]

Freshtone merry christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Hi Everyone We want to wish every single one of our customers a Merry Christmas as we say goodbye to 2018 in Australia. We would also like to thank every one of our customers for supporting us and our products and let you know what is coming next year. We have a lot of exciting […]

Counterfeit Lenses

Hi guys It has come to our attention that various sites are trying to sell our lenses as the genuine product, These items have not been tested nor made by us. Use extreme caution when purchasing lenses that have our brand but are sold by a third party supplier. These items are generally cheaper however […]


Freshtone April Holidays And Delivery Time Announcement

Hi Guys As we have worked all through Christmas and Easter without a break, Freshtone will be ceasing all order deliveries and customer support between Friday the 13th April to the 27th April. We will be disabling all express post and Sendle express orders as we don’t want you paying for a service we can’t […]

Our May Competition Is Almost Here!

We are excited to announce that our May competition has nearly arrived and we have some great prizes that will be on display for our lucky customers. The competition will work like our others competitions in the past. Customers that order the necessary amount to qualify will receive a code token and we will use […]

After Christmas dispatch

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just a quick update to let everyone know their orders will begin dispatching on Thursday the 28th Dec. If your currently waiting on your order please know that it will be dispatched via priority mailing for a speedier delivery. Thanks for your patience, we hope everyone was spoilt rotten!   Kind regards […]

Freshtone has introduced bitcoin as a new method of payment!

Hi guys Freshtone has now incorporated Bitcoin as new payment method. We are responding to an increasing customer request for this payment method! We anticipate a slow start however the trend of bitcoin payments is rising at an incredible rate. We know this new service will help our customers in more far reaching countries to […]

Our new Loyalty program has arrived!

The Freshtone team is excited to announce our new Loyalty program for new and existing customers. This is our new updated version and has now been fully integrated with our site. If you are new customer then simply create a new account with us and you will be rewarded with a signup bonus! For existing […]

Freshtone will soon release our new Loyalty & Rewards program.

Hi Guys We are currently in the finishing stages of releasing our brand new Beans Reward program for all our current and new customers! Everyone who has already made an account with us and BEANS will get an update and will be able to keep their current points. We have used the older version of […]

Freshtone starts retro gaming competition off with a bang

              Freshtone lenses have started their very first competition with none other then the elusive snes classic mini. This item has still yet to be released to the public and all pre-orders of this console have been sold out in mere minutes. We weep for our fellow gamers that […]

Freshtone Partners with Afterpay

Freshtone is happy to announce that we are now offering Afterpay to all our Australian & New Zealand customers. These guys rock and their product is a great fit for us and for our customers. Our site is now integrated with afterpay and you can start using them today! For all our international customers unfortunately Afterpay […]

Freshtone partners with Sendle

In a huge effort to reduce shipping prices, slow delivery times and lost & misplaced items, we are happy to announce that we have incorporated Sendle as our primary shipping method. Sendle offers a cheap and extremely quick solution to Australia posts somewhat laggy and indifferent approach to item delivery. Sendle is Available as of today […]

Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes When Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Many people are now choosing to use contact lenses, even if it is just for fashion because they’re fun to wear. Because, many people are now starting to wear contact lenses, especially in the fashion and movie industries, there is a growing concern for preventing dry eyes when wearing fashionable Fresh Tone contact lenses. Made […]

Why Sharing Your Coloured Contact Lens is Not Advisable?

We learn throughout our lives that sharing is a kind and generous activity to participate in within certain parameters. While it is okay to share your wealth, clothes or food items with others, you should not allow others to use your personal items such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes, lipsticks, combs and coloured contact lens. The last […]

Your Online Shopping Guide When Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

If your eyes are not the colour that you desire them to be, you can always turn to non-prescription, coloured contact lenses to alter their appearance. Before you purchase any of these lenses, though, you need to educate yourself about the different types of these coloured contacts that are available today along with other information. […]

Helpful Tips for New Contact Lens Users

Coloured contacts are an ideal way to alter your eye colour for costume or daily purposes. The fact that they are non-prescription and contain a tint or a special design, such as the Smiley Halloween lenses that we carry here at Freshtone, does not mean these lenses are toys. You must learn how to care […]

Is There an Ideal Age for Wearing Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses?

While disposable coloured contact lenses are an effective way to enhance or change a person’s natural eye colour, you might wonder if there is an ideal age at which to wear these contacts. There are no set age recommendations as when one is ready to wear these lenses or when a person may be too […]

How to Maximise and Extend the Life of Your Coloured Contact Lens

While turning to a colored contact lens in each eye in order to enhance your natural eye colour is an interesting way to alter your appearance, you still need to care for this type of contacts with the same diligence as traditional contacts. Proper care is the only way to maximise and possibly extend the […]

Soft Contact Lenses Versus Hard Contact Lenses: What’s the Difference?

When in search of contact lenses, you will come across both hard and soft contact lenses. You may or may not understand the difference between them, but this is important as to how you wear them and care for them. They both live up to their names since the hard ones are of a rigid […]

Latest Coloured Contact Lenses in Style for the New Year

There is a multitude of coloured contact lenses in style for the New Year. In fact, coloured contacts have become the “latest designer accessory” to complete an up-to-date look. And one of the best ways to transform your look safety and have a little fun is with your eyes. The latest trends are vast. Plus […]

Dare To Be Different With Exotic Coloured Contact Lenses

Have you ever imagined having attractive, radiant eyes that actually get noticed? Well today, you can make that dream a reality with exotic coloured contact lenses. You can actually make brown eyes look blue or change your ordinary eye color into any shade you desire. There is an array of shades to fit your individualized […]

Tips in Finding the Best Deals for Contact Lenses Online

When it comes to finding the best deal, there are many choices for contact lenses online. But finding the right source for your lenses can be challenging. Here are a few tips that can help. Value vs Price A product that is cheaper does not indicate a better value. With all purchases, you want the […]

Order Contact Lenses Online – No Need for Prescription, Everything is Hassle Free!

When you just want to change or enhance the natural colour with tinted contact lenses without vision correction, you want to find a site that does not require a doctor’s prescription to fill your order. Non-prescription contacts such as these commonly are called plano lenses. Luckily, you can purchase these contact lenses online at our […]

Order Online: Contact Lenses Can Be a Perfect Gift for The Holiday Season!

The holiday season is approaching, which means it is time to make your gift list again for all the relatives, friends and coworkers who you wish to purchase presents for to show how much you care for them. One gift idea for the people on this list is online contact lenses that contain tints or […]


Hi Toners If you are late purchasing your lenses for Halloween we will be open until 10pm Friday. So get in before your too late!! Our address is at the bottom of the page. Calling to check our stock on some products is probably your best option to avoid disappointment.     Regards The Freshtone […]

Halloween orders- shipping time/stock levels

Hi Guys As a result of HUGE demand, and manufacturing delays at our Factory for some of these lenses, we have had to cut short accepting orders for 2 of the Halloween lenses. Our stock will not meet demand for a  few of these orders which means there will be refunds for Late comers. All orders […]

Contact Lenses Online Can Give You Better Offers and Discounts

Coloured contacts are gaining in popularity for both daily wear and costume enhancements for events such as Halloween. You even may be in search of the best offers and discounts on these lenses at present for your own purposes. If you are, all you need to do is shop for your contact lenses online to […]

Halloween is Fast Approaching: Order your Contact Lenses Online!

Halloween is such an enjoyable holiday for both children and adults, as it is the ideal time to dress up as your favourite character or person. Since this holiday is quickly approaching, though, you do not want to miss your chance to order the right contact lenses online to complete your chosen costume. Act now […]


Hi Toners, This announcement is to address the percieved slow deliveries some of you may be experiencing. As with all products being sold via the web the greatest challenge for all companies is delivering the expected product on time all the time, this may be a challenge but we at freshtone are striving to make […]

Things You Should Not Do When You’re Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Your eyes allow you to view all the wonders of the world around you, and this is why you must protect them at all times, including when you wear coloured contact lenses. While these contact lenses are ideal for a number of situations, there are certain things you should never do while wearing them. Learn […]

Who Says Men Can’t Be Vain? Coloured Contact Lenses Are For Everyone, Not Just For Women

Unbeknownst to some of you, men can be just as vain as women can be, and in some areas, they may even beat women easily with the extent of this personality trait. We know that all you men out there agree with us on this fact. You just exhibit your vanity differently than women do […]

Can Light Coloured Lenses Work With Dark Eyes?

When people have dark eyes, they may think that light coloured contacts will not enhance their natural colour. Years ago, this assumption would have been right, but it is no longer the case, as advancements in the production of these lenses have made it possible to do this today. Consumers just need to understand the […]

Things You Need to Know About Non-Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are an ideal way to enhance or change your existing eye colour. You can opt for prescription ones if you require vision correction, but non-prescription ones also are available on the market today. At times, people wear the latter ones daily or only for special occasions such as costume parties to create […]

How To Choose Coloured Contact Lenses Based On Your Hair and Skin Colour

Coloured contact lenses or contacts will enhance your appearance by altering your natural eye colour in some manner. You can find these lenses in colours ranging from light blue to pure honey. While all the various shades may appeal to you when you first view them, not all will be ideal for your skin tone […]

Blue Contact Lenses: How Should You Determine the Right Blues for You?

Whether you wish to change your existing eye colour daily, or for a Halloween or other costume event, blue-tinted contact lenses may be the right answer for your needs. Today, there are a number of different choices in blue contact lenses that provide an effective way to intensify or change your natural blue eyes, or […]

The Top 3 Benefits of Buying Contact Lenses Online

Before buying contact lenses, you should have an up to date eye exam with your optometrist or qualified eye doctor. Once you have a prescription you can then start looking for the perfect lenses to fit your style and needs. Instead of shopping at the local retail outlet, you should consider shopping for your contact […]