Hi Toners,

This announcement is to address the percieved slow deliveries some of you may be experiencing. As with all products being sold via the web the greatest challenge for all companies is delivering the expected product on time all the time, this may be a challenge but we at freshtone are striving to make that happen as we are writing this article. We are excited to announce a raft of changes to our shipping prices and estimated shipping times starting from the 1/11/2015.

These changes include Rolling out our automated text message service to alert our customers on tracking items and new deals!!( this has been on trial for a few months)

Shipping options will now include our standard free shipping option and our express post option. We are drastically reducing our express post option to $15 from the current $30 we are charging at the present time. All orders will receive there tracking number within 24 hours of it being purchased ( no exceptions)

Our free shipping option delivery time will be reduced from around 14 days to 8 days (AUSTRALIA WIDE ONLY ). This is a huge commitment on our behalf as we have had to invest in huge structural changes to accomodate this change.

All international customers will have to purchase our express post option, as it will provide them sufficient tracking for the long road ahead, Free shipping will be available to them only if they purchase item insurance for $5 per pair. ( this will not always be the case as we are currently planning on rolling out our products in the US, ASIA and parts of EUROPE once we overcome certain legal barriers with the FDA.

We also will be trialling Drone delivery next year for customers within a certain radius of our current premises, this will obviously be apart of our same day delivery which we are working hard to achieve for local clients.

There will be more announcements to follow in the coming year as Freshtone goes from strength to strength in the ecommerce market. And as always it would not be possible without our customers who support us. So from everyone at Freshtone lenses we thank you for your constant support!


The Freshtone Team