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Hi Toners If you are late purchasing your lenses for Halloween we will be open until 10pm Friday. So get in before your too late!! Our address is at the bottom of the page. Calling to check our stock on some products is probably your best option to avoid disappointment.     Regards The Freshtone […]

Halloween orders- shipping time/stock levels

Hi Guys As a result of HUGE demand, and manufacturing delays at our Factory for some of these lenses, we have had to cut short accepting orders for 2 of the Halloween lenses. Our stock will not meet demand for a  few of these orders which means there will be refunds for Late comers. All orders […]

Contact Lenses Online Can Give You Better Offers and Discounts

Coloured contacts are gaining in popularity for both daily wear and costume enhancements for events such as Halloween. You even may be in search of the best offers and discounts on these lenses at present for your own purposes. If you are, all you need to do is shop for your contact lenses online to […]

Halloween is Fast Approaching: Order your Contact Lenses Online!

Halloween is such an enjoyable holiday for both children and adults, as it is the ideal time to dress up as your favourite character or person. Since this holiday is quickly approaching, though, you do not want to miss your chance to order the right contact lenses online to complete your chosen costume. Act now […]